Bundling Support and Self-Care for Expectant Parents: A Path To Wellness


The path to parenthood is filled with uncertainty and joy. It is a time of remarkable growth and transformation. A positive transition to parenting is fostered with capacity and confidence building through education, support, and connection to needed services.  A healthy journey requires a village of support. Building family confidence through connection and relationship building improves the experience and the outcomes of care.

This is not just about finding the right provider or place to give birth. Wrap around family care involves a bundle of evidence-based resources that include providers, education, and supportive experiences. In healthcare, “bundles” are used to improve care and outcomes. They are a set of simple, clear, evidence-based practices, that when done together, strengthen care.

During pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time, it is well known that the transition to being a parent is eased with preparation, education, support, and connection to community resources. Resources are inclusive of providers-- physicians, midwives, lactation consultants, physical therapists, and doulas, to name just a few. Bundled together, these resources create a village that strengthens care, builds confidence, and enhances the birth and postpartum experience.

The importance of confidence cannot be underestimated. It includes an individual’s belief in their capacity to achieve goals.  This involves the ability to navigate the health care system and to advocate for oneself. Ample research shows that confidence is associated with greater comfort in labor, less anxiety, and increased satisfaction with the birth experience. It is well known that the birth and postpartum experience affects confidence in parenting, breastfeeding, mental health, and future health experiences.  Boosting individual confidence and preparation for birth and parenting improves outcomes.

Bundling education, experience, and support are not one size fits all and are greatly affected by access. It is estimated that eighty percent of a person’s health is determined by the social and economic conditions of one’s home and community. Look to your provider, health facilities, and the community for needed resources.

Auntbertha.com provides a free online tool (findhelp.org) to find food assistance, help to pay bills, and other free or reduced-cost programs, including new programs for the COVID-19 pandemic. Searching for programs on this website makes it simple and easy to connect with local resources.

This model of care or “bundle” calls for the development of partnerships with individuals and entities that advocate on behalf of others. This can include family members community partners and perinatal support workers. Socializing the maternal health experience via connection, relationship building, and self-care optimizes the experience and outcomes of care.

 Every family deserves equitable and positive outcomes. Every family has the capacity within them to improve their well-being. Start building or being the village of support in your community. Nurturing new and expectant parents begins with us.

You’ve got this and your chosen team is here for you!


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