Briarcliffe birdhouses a hoot


Akshay Talwar, owner and president of the Briarcliffe Campus, has long been known for his creativity and innovations at the award-winning facility in Johnston.

A few years ago, in fact, Talwar created new nature lounges on the east side of his campus that included installing a one-of-a-kind custom birdhouse crafted by local artist Joe Danella.

“The nursing home residents, even visitors and our staff, became so enchanted with the avian families who called Briarcliffe home, I decided to install three more one-of-a-kind artisan birdhouses throughout the campus,” Talwar said. “And they continue to be a welcome addition.”

Those newest additions are also strategically placed and located in the back courtyards at Briarcliffe Manor, the Cottage Residences and Briarcliffe Memory Care Assisted Living and are in full view for the residents.

“We took great care to place the homes at just the right height to be seen by our elders’ eyes in all three buildings,” Talwar offered. “Luckily, after installation of the three new birdhouses several weeks ago, local birds began nesting and preparing to bring new life to this already beautiful healing environment.”

Talwar has long been a fan of Danella, a talented local wood artist whose workshop is located off Hartford Avenue. So, after a visit from Danella, he knew Briarcliffe residents and rehab patients would be enamored by the birds.

“If you’ve ever woken to the morning sounds of birds or spent a few quiet moments watching birds in your yard, you know just how relaxing and magical it can be,” Talwar said. “At Briarcliffe, we’re all about providing the best possible care and the bird houses have fit nicely into our care.”

He added: “Bird watching and related activities are known to foster feelings of serenity and enhance relaxing no matter what your age. These additions have been no exception; residents and visitors here have been fascinated with the preparation the birds have been making to welcome their new baby birds.” 


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