The Iris Nebula (NGC 7023) is located in the constellation Cepheus and is a bright reflection nebula.

The nebula is illuminated by a bright star designated SAO 19158. The Nebula lies 1,300 light-years away and spans six light-years across.

These clouds of gas are hot enough to also emit their own light.

On Sept. 3rd and 4th I set up my Scope and set sights on the Iris Nebula.

Over the course of those two days I collected images from the Luminance, Red, Green  and Blue filter and combined them to make an LRGB image.

In my backyard it was very difficult to catch the faint dust surrounding the Iris due to the local light pollution. In the future I plan on heading to a local dark sky site to give it another shot.

This image was captured from my backyard in Johnston.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Lucas “Luc” Maguire captured this image from his backyard in Johnston. He will be submitting his deep space images to the Sun Rise for publication each week. Maguire’s photography can also be found at his Instagram account @oceanstateastro and his Twitter feed @OceanStateAstro.


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