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****½ (Joyce)

**** (Don)

True ‘feel good’ movie

Toni Collette stars in this feel-good movie of the year, based on a true story about a Welsh woman who dreams of breeding a race horse.

Jan works two jobs, takes care of her aging parents, unemployed husband and farm animals, searching for something more in her drab life.

She overhears a young man in the bar where she works talking about starting a syndicate, and she has hope. She entices a group of ragtag townsfolk to invest in a mare, which is matched with a thoroughbred to birth a race horse. She then convinces a horse trainer to prepare “Dream” for his first race.

The horse shows promise and soon proves to be the pride of the village. The races slowly become more intense until the inevitable happens and the conglomerate must make a major decision that will affect them and the horse.

Have no fear. We said that this is a “feel good” movie, but not before bringing a lump to your throat and a tear to your eye.

Joyce, the romantic, has a soft spot in her eye for horses and loves to watch horse racing, though she never bets on a horse. Well, you can bet on Dream, and Collette as Jan, to win over your heart.

It is predictable, but it also is based on truth, with a bit of massaging. The Welsh characters are delightful, although you may miss a few lines due to their accents.

There are also important messages about the importance of working together to reach a dream.

Rated PG.


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Amy Adams stars as an agoraphobic child psychiatrist living alone and spending most of her time watching her neighbors across the street.

Shades of Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” creep in as she watches abuse and possibly murder occur when new neighbors move in.

Things are not always as they seem as she befriends the 16-year-old son, alienates the father, and becomes a sounding board for the mother.

And then there’s the aggressive handyman who lives in her basement. What’s with him?

A few twists and turns lead to a surprise ending.



This Dutch crime movie has a true anti-hero who proves that crime may pay.

When his boss’s son is killed, he is ordered to wipe out the three guys responsible.

Off to a trailer park outside Amsterdam where he rents a trailer and stalks one of the bad guys, only to develop a relationship with a sweet young lady half his age.

Our anti-hero is a fat, uncouth, ugly lout, so it is hard to accept this relationship, but if you go with the flow, you discover a connection that leads to his reluctance to wipe out the second killer.

It all leads to a couple of exciting scenes, with a twist that you may see coming.

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