Are You Living With, OR Worried About Someone Suffering With Chronic Back Pain?


If you or a loved one suffer from chronic back pain - so bad that it can even stop you from walking - then reading this report may be the most important thing you do this year. It may unlock the agonizing mystery of your back pain and show you a way to get back to the life you deserve before back pain struck...

- A life where you can sleep at night without tossing and turning, hoping to find one position where the pain stops.

- A life where you can wake up in the morning and not take 20 minutes to get out of bed... and then another 20 minutes to put on your socks and shoes always restricted by a back so stiff and tight.

- A life where you can pick up and play with your kids without worrying when your back is going to “go out” and leave you crippled on the floor.

- A life where you can do and enjoy all the things you see so many others doing and enjoying but your bad back has kept you watching from the sidelines...Basically, a life without the curse of back pain.

Back Pain “Truths” Finally Exposed

This report exposes how weekly (and costly) visits to a chiropractor are NOT always needed, and how pain medications and muscle relaxers might be just ‘easy’ for a doctor to prescribe, but may not necessarily be right for you in the long run...

9 Simple Tips To Ease Back Pain To Keep You Doing What You Love and Sleep Better At Night...WITHOUT Injections, Pain Medication, or Surgery

1. Take a Walk. Research suggests one of the best ways to reduce your back pain is going for a walk. Generally, this needs to be an easy to brisk walk that gets you moving and your heart rate up just a little. Getting moving and walking not only brings blood flow to your back, but the increased blood flow warms up the muscles in the low back and that helps you to move a little easier. As you move easier the stiff joints start to loosen up and the overall motion at the joints can have a pain lessening effect. Shoot for thirty minutes a day of light to moderate walking.

2. Change positions. The best posture is the next posture! Prolonged sitting is one of the worst things you can do for low back pain, but the same can be said for standing or other positions. Breaking up a sustained position and moving even for just a little bit can help to take the pressure off of the low back. If you sit all day, you can try to stand when you are on phone calls which can really help as well. If standing or walking all day, see if you can find ways to sit and rest while you complete a task. Once you get used to it, it is not nearly as much of a disruption of your day as you think it is.

3. Watch Your Posture. Closely tied with number 2 above we need to watch our posture. Since most people work behind a computer a large part of the day we tend to have a forward leaning and rounded neck and shoulders posture which can strain our low back. Making ourselves aware of our body position and self-correcting our posture can make a world of difference to our low back pain. One way to go about self-correcting your posture is to put a timer on your phone to go off every 20 minutes. When you hear the timer, you can self-correct your posture. A little slouching and other positions are fine, but that slouched position for hours at a time will cause issues in the long run.

4. Lumbar Roll. Related to sitting if you are having a hard time with posture you can buy a lumbar roll to help your low back stay in a good position. A lumbar roll is a small circular pillow that you put behind your low back and between the chair that can help you hold better posture and take pressure off of your low back. Using a lumbar roll when you have to sit for extended periods of time (although you should take frequent breaks as discussed in tip #3) behind your back can take some of the difficulty of holding good posture away making it easier for you to relieve your back pain.

5. Improve Your Sleep. Pain can be intensified by poor sleep. Improving the quality of your sleep can decrease your pain levels as well as increase your energy and activity levels. Both the quantity and quality of your sleep can affect your low back pain. Being able to sleep for longer and with better quality can help to relax the muscles and take pressure off of your back. After a refreshing deep sleep usually, you will notice your low back pain less the next day. Having a firm mattress to give your spine support is a good idea, but first try free methods like making your room darker, avoiding electronics for an hour before bedtime, and developing a sleep routine.

6. Choose Sensible Footwear. While shoes with high heels may make you look taller and look more fashionable they are not doing your back any favors. Wearing shoes with less of a lift can improve your back pain. However, your shoes also need some cushioning so no flip flops either. When the back of a shoe is elevated it forces the heel and all of the bones in your leg to be elevated. This in turn forces your hips up and increases the curvature of your back which puts more pressure on the joints in the back and the muscles may respond by tightening up. With shoes such as flip flops there is no cushioning and the back will take all of the extra pressure and the joints and muscles may pay the price. While a slight lift in the back of the shoe is ok you shouldn’t go overboard. Look for shoes with good cushioning and without too much of a lift in the back.

7. Exercise. This is one of the biggest things that everyone with low back pain is missing and doctors won’t tell you. How many times have you heard just rest and it will go away. Or maybe you have been given pain meds to get rid of it. Well that obviously didn’t work or you wouldn’t be reading this. Exercise and movement are the best thing you can do to decrease your pain. Moving is the best way to get out of pain. While it is likely very scary you can just avoid the painful movements for right now, but you need to get moving somehow. If you can exercise with enough intensity you can get the “runner’s high” which can release chemicals that act as natural painkillers, but even gentle movements should help to ease the tightness and pain. Start with movements you know you can do without causing pain. This is somewhat related to tip #1, but we also want to add some exercise that improves our mobility if possible. Some movements that cause light pain can be helpful, but it is very difficult to know if you should push through them. If you are not sure then check out tip #9.

8. Watch Your Stress Levels. Stress can be a big problem in your ability to get rid of back pain. Stress initiates the “fight or flight” response which can cause your muscles to tighten and stiffen up. By decreasing your stress, you can help your muscles relax which can allow you to move better and have less pain. While there are hundreds of ways to destress like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and others I suggest to start simple. Find a quiet place and just focus on breathing. Take deep breaths and try to slow your breathing and your heart rate down. Think of your “happy place” while you are doing this. Start to take note of your body while doing this. Are your shoulders able to relax? Now your hips? Now your low back? Just like walking breathing should be easy and natural and is a great way to decrease your stress levels.

9. Physical Therapy. If you have tried the first 5 (*SPOILER ALERT* Try the next 3) and they don’t help you, start physical therapy. I may be a bit biased but I believe this is the fastest method to resolving your back pain. Getting to see a hands-on specialist physical therapist means you’re going to get very fast access to care that will soothe and relax those tight aching muscles, loosen and lubricate stiff, stuck and painful joints, and strengthen your body so that you can get back to the doing the activities you love.

Did You Know....

You don’t need a referral from your doctor and as a thank you for reading this report we will give you first priority for our open appointments and get you scheduled for a FREE Discovery Visit after you fill out the form below or call.

A Free Discovery Visit is a chance for us to meet over zoom or talk on the phone and discuss in detail your personal struggles with low back pain, what your goals are, and to determine if we are a good fit to help you reach those goals. We offer these Free Discovery Visits because we understand it can be confusing and frustrating to navigate the health care system and determine who is the best person to help you.

A discovery session is an opportunity to figure out what is the root cause of your pain, and most importantly what is the best plan of action to start getting immediate back pain relief to get you back your desired active lifestyle-all for FREE!

Even if we find you’re not a good fit for Arancia PT’s services, we will still help! As back pain specialists we can give you the proper recommendations and know how to figure out where to send you to get help.

Take Home Message:

Are you finding yourself confused about how to handle your back pain?

Many people have back pain during their lifetime. The problem is that most of them allow the problem to get worse before looking for a solution.

We hope this information has given you the information you need to make a about what to do next for your back pain.

If you are currently dealing with back pain, whether it is new or something nagging, we are more than happy to talk to you about your personal situation. We offer FREE discovery session at Arancia Physical Therapy so that you can be confident in taking the next step to relieve your back pain.

It only takes a few minutes for us to get an idea of what might be causing your problem, and it doesn’t require booking an appointment.

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Dr. Jessica Papa is an Expert Physical Therapist, Educator, Author, and Founder of Arancia Physical Therapy.  She is known as a leading spine and Postpartum Women’s Health Specialist in Rhode Island.



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