An Auctioneer’s Night Life


As an auctioneer there is nothing more exciting than auction day. Think about it, prior to an auction there are months of cataloging, photography, curating the merchandise, and everything else in between that builds up to your one-day performance. While it is fun, there is also a lot of pressure riding on that one day. You hope everything performs to its highest of expectations and even more! Sometimes that happens, other times not, but the point is during the auction while it is fun it is hard to cut completely loose. However, throughout the year we are emblazoned with scattered opportunities to rock out, MC, or be a standup comedian. Enter the charity auction.

Honestly, charity auctions are by far the most fun you can have as an auctioneer. You have an engaged smiling crowd that is drinking, eating, and just having fun. It can’t get any better. Most recently I had the joy of returning to the Annual Gamm Gala for the Gamm Theatre in Warwick, Rhode Island. Due to COVID there was no in-person event last year, so it was great to be back! There were five donated lots that crossed the block from a weekend getaway in Maine to hosting a private garden luncheon party for you and twenty-five friends. All the proceeds went towards the Gamm to expand their facilities to enhance the education of their students with a matched grant from the state. It was an awesome night. If you happen to be reading this saying “hey, I need a charity auctioneer!” feel free to reach out. We are always happy to help. It’s great getting to have a stress free auction.


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