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I agree with you. Problem is, you have it backwards. The ills of which you speak are perpetrated by the left, not the right. For example, Dr. Seuss was banned (or canceled, really) due to leftist cries of racism. If you’re going to preach and place blame, please get your facts in order. You said, “No one will ever stop us from the power of truthful ideas found in a book.” “Truthful ideas” and “indoctrination/propaganda” (or as you defined it “lies and misinformation and divisiveness”) are two totally different concepts. Teachers who decide to push their own personal ideologies upon students are the ones who are subverting parental authority in their blatant attempts to indoctrinate, not educate or nurture curiosity or love of learning. That has the thumbprint of the left all over it, not the right. I applaud Rep. Morgan for recognizing this and attempting to address it. As an aside, your use of capitalization throughout your letter screams “hot under the collar.”

From: Learning the power of truth

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