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There is nothing in the world quite as wonderful as the Downy-fresh smell of clean clothes and clean linens.  This familiar aroma evokes images of newly-washed clothes, hung on a clothesline to … more
There is nothing more inspiring or more uplifting than the sight of children playing, laughing, and having fun!  Children are a reminder of all that is good in the world, and all that our … more
There is something about a wreath hanging on a front door, or on that perfect spot in a family room, that signifies “You are welcome here”!  Wreaths, with their colorful flowers and … more
The early-afternoon sun streams through the windows of Little Angels Daycare, casting a soft, diffused light on a small group of children who are settling in for their daytime nap.  Snuggled in … more
At Briarcliffe Gardens Memory Care Assisted Living Residence, nestled on 30 acres just off Central Avenue in Johnston, the vibe is bright, happy, cheerful, and vibrant. Every design decision in both … more
A place of serenity, whether it is a physical space or a merely a frame of mind, is a state of being “calm, peaceful, and untroubled.”  In a world where calm and peace are often … more
There is something about a new year that gives one the motivation to dream big, to begin anew and to make obtainable resolutions (and some not-so-obtainable ones too!). As we finally put 2020 behind … more
Elementary schools across the state are open for class, in some form or another.  Parents are returning to the workforce, though many are restrained by the ongoing worry about childcare in these … more
If there is anything that Donna Zarrella knows, it is that relationships are important, and that people matter.  Donna Zarrella is the Advertising Manager at Beacon Communications, a … more
Even in the unusual times we are living in, we still need clean clothes. For many, the option of cleaning their clothes in their own homes is, indeed, not an option at all!  This is when a … more
Its official.  Schools have cautiously reopened across the state, in some form or another.  Parents are slowly returning to the workforce, though many are restrained by the ongoing worry … more
The great French philosopher Albert Camus once penned the words: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”.  No words could better capture the glory of fall than these … more
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