Why I do it


Back when I started as the Sports Editor at the Warwick Beacon two weeks ago, I wrote a somewhat brief introduction on who I am and where I came from to more or less give the readers a face to put with the name.

Now that I have settled in a little bit, I figured my first column (which will be weekly) would be a good opportunity to further explain who I am, where I come from, and more than anything why I love doing what I do.

Since the day I was born I have been a sports nut. I grew up in and around Worcester, Massachusetts in a small middle-class family. We had each other, and we had sports.

My family has always been a Boston sports family. Personally, my Patriots fandom happens to actually be an obsession, I still curse at the Red Sox regardless of how much they win, and I am glued to the TV in the spring when the Bruins and Celtics are hopefully competing in the playoffs.

I played baseball and football as a kid, but in high school came to the realization that I was not the next Tom Brady … looks-wise or athletically.

I turned to what I considered the next best thing in college: sports journalism.

I attended the University of Massachusetts-Lowell for three years and would earn my degree at Worcester State University. During college I wrote for my school papers, local papers in the area, and interned for some college and professional sports teams.

Once I graduated, I was hired as a full-time sports writer at the Journal Tribune daily paper in Biddeford, Maine. After a year of being a sports writer, I was promoted to associate sports editor.

After nearly three years of living in Maine, I figured it was about time to move back down south and be back in familiar territory.

With Warwick being less than an hour from my home, this was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.

The biggest thing I learned about and fell in love with during my time in Maine was local journalism. I wasn’t really sure what to expect moving to a new community, but before I knew it I felt like I was part of Biddeford and covering its local sports scene was some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

In my first two weeks in Warwick, I can already tell that this is also a place that oozes with passion for its local sports. The amount of calls I have already received in the office has been great, and I feel as though I have already learned so much about this area.

I had a foundation as to what this area was about since Worcester is close by and I have had family work and live in Rhode Island … but the locals I have met have already helped catch me up to speed and I appreciate every bit of knowledge I gain no matter how big or small.

What I love about covering local sports is that there is clearly a different level of investment in the teams and athletes that I watch. With family and friends in the stands, everyone at the game on and off the field are invested and feel that they have something on the line. To be able to cover games in that type of atmosphere is a blast.

Local sports coverage is also wildly rewarding as well. One of the best feelings a local sports journalist can have is when a family celebrates one of their own getting recognized in the paper or online, and the excitement that it brings. Being able to help locals keep memories forever is something that I never really experienced until I was in Maine.

That’s why I do it. I love sports, I love competition, I love community, and I love being able to celebrate with local athletes when they accomplish their goals. I’m very excited to cover the Warwick-Cranston-Johnston area, and to continue to get to know the local sports scene.

When you see me at a game or event, feel free to come over and say hi, as I am always looking for a story. Feel free to reach me alexs@rhodybeat.com or at 401-732-3100.

I look forward to getting to know the area and am all ears for anything that you the reader feels deserves mention.


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