What's with Trump Peace Plan?


To the Editor:

On January 28, President Trump and President Netanyahu unveiled the so-called Trump Peace Plan entitled “Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People.” The plan claims to provide for a two state solution which conforms to President Trump’s laudable statements at the UN that independent, sovereign nations are the best model for all, instead of the globalist dream of a super government that imposes its will upon nations.

However, look at the map that was produced by this administration and the Israelis: it looks like Swiss cheese! It is a vision similar to that of apartheid South Africa and the Native American Indian reservations with borders around each enclave or village, but separated by miles of foreign territory. That is exactly what the Trump plan is proposing along with a 50 billion dollar bribe to make it happen. Would anyone argue that the created Palestinian enclaves are free, sovereign and independent nation states? Would anyone like to move to Gaza or any of the Palestinian territories where water, electricity and a viable economy hardly exist?

We love the account of David & Goliath because of the gallantry of young David against the giant; he ran with only a slingshot toward the Philistine monster who was armed with sword, spear and shield. Has anyone not seen the gross imbalance and injustice of the Palestinian youth as they throw rocks at the Israeli tanks and soldiers and not made the parallel with David?

The mainstream media, including the Fox channels, turns a blind eye to the plight of the Palestinians. Even the modern evangelical Christian community, who should favor the oppressed, does likewise due to its addiction to heretical Christian Zionism and urges our Congress to pour billions into the Israeli war machine. Why would President Trump who loves to win-win, endorse a plan (without Palestinian participation) which is dead upon arrival, and which runs contrary to his stated belief in free, sovereign, independent nations?

Erik Throp



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