What we're thankful for


This week, the members of our communities will gather around tables for one of our most celebrated shared traditions.

Marking the start of the holiday season, Thanksgiving provides an opportunity for each of us to reflect on the blessings we enjoy. It is a chance to reconnect with friends and loved ones, to break bread together, to share our own bounty with those most in need.

In the spirit of the occasion, we took some time to do our own reflection about that for which we are thankful.

We are thankful for the first responders and public safety personnel who do such much to keep us, and our communities, safe. For them, the work does not stop on the holiday, and we must never take for granted the vital safety net they provide.

We are thankful, too, for those serving in our nation’s armed forces, and for the sacrifices they – and their families – make each day. The peace and prosperity we enjoy relies upon them, and we owe them our gratitude and support.

We are thankful for the thousands of educators and professionals who work each day to prepare our children for the future. It is no easy task, and we are particularly proud to highlight their efforts each week.

We are thankful for the countless people who volunteer their time, talent and energy to make our communities better places in which to live. We are fortunate to tell many of their stories within our pages, and we look to them as examples of the best our state has to offer.

We are thankful for the many citizens who play an active part in civic life, whether through standing as candidates, serving in elected office, engaging in advocacy or merely joining us as observers of local government. Democracy thrives when citizens are engaged and informed, when we exchange ideas and engage in honest, open debates. In our current political climate, the process matters more than ever.

We are thankful to remain locally owned, untouched thus far by the corporate consolidation that has negatively affected so much of the newspaper industry. Companies like ours are increasingly rare in both the local and national media landscapes, and while we have no illusions about the challenges we face, we believe deeply in the value of our work – and remain steadfastly committed to serving our communities.

Most of all, we are thankful for you, our readers, for your interest, support, engagement and trust. You make our work possible.

From all of us at Beacon Communications, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


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the efforts of educators? pleaze, if they didnt get more money than anyother teacher, they stomp their feet, walk out the door and refuse to educate the kids. for the amount of money we are paying for pubic schools, we should have six stars out of five for each and every school

Tuesday, November 26, 2019