Trust the process?


To the Editor:

Ever since the Invenergy Clear River power plant was proposed for Burrillville, the overwhelming majority of people in Rhode Island have been united in opposition, while many of the most powerful people in Rhode Island supported the plant. Governor Raimondo asked the people to trust the process. So the people did everything they could within the process: attend hearings, speak out, write letters, talk to city officials. And everywhere the people were given a proper hearing, where there was a real process, the project has been rejected.

Now Invenergy seems to have found a water source, in the one community that would not hold a public hearing, did all the negotiating in secret, and would not let the people have any voice. The question for the governor is, “How can we still trust the process?” Until you demand that Johnston hold an actual process and hear from the community, your words ring hollow and we shall believe that the fix was in.

Greg Gerritt



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