Trinity's ‘The Inheritance’ — Part 2 comes together nicely


Part 2 of Trinity’s epic production of “The Inheritance” has now opened and is playing in concert with Part 1.

Those who have seen part 1 are invited back to see what happens to all the characters and the house.

Trinity emailed a five-minute summary of part 1 to remind audience members where they are in the journey of each man.

“The Inheritance” requires much from the dozen actors as they take on difficult roles requiring long moments on stage, soliloquies, and at this point, moving smoothly from past to present.

Director Joe Wilson Jr. has succeeded in bringing the two parts of the challenging play together.

Although the plot is thin, a lot goes on in the lives of the gay men.

One additional character adds nicely to the final minutes, while a surprise twist puts things in perspective.

While the actors give so much of themselves, the audience is also required to immerse themselves for two long evenings.

Two intermissions and a couple of glasses of wine -- or water -- help.


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