Time to dig deeper into Convention Center


To the Editor:

The news articles depicting the Convention Center using taxpayer funds for retirement parties, alcohol and travel for non- employees is appalling. That management paid these bills without documentation is negligence and borders on malfeasance. Do they receive documentation for the millions paid in personnel cost?

It is clear that the Board of the Convention Center has not met their obligations under the Quasi-Public Accountability and Transparency Act to insure a properly managed public corporation. It has allowed numerous violations of state procedures and allowed false filings of statements under the


Corporation Financial Integrity and Accountability.

While I understand that an examination by the Auditor General have been placed on hold, the news reports indicate that the examination of the Convention Center needs to be much boarder than a performance audit, it requires the House Oversight Committee and Senate Committee on Rules, Government Ethics and Oversight Committees to conduct hearings and have experts examine the Convention Center’s operations.

I would not be surprised if the examination of the Convention Centers operations showed results similar to what occurred with RI Housing under Mr. Pari or the Economic Development Corporation with its credit card use.

Robert E Donovan



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John Simoneau

Can't have POLITICIANS do anything and expect it to be right. These are the same people that created this beast of a problem and you want them to investigate this problem. THEY ALL ARE THE PROBLEM. POLITICIANS, and political hacks, appointed, then funded by taxpayers money to hire political family and friends, and pay kickbacks that their own written laws call legal in the form of campaign contributions, and PACS. and SUPER PACS. Nothing but DRAINING THE WHOLE SWAMP, in all three branches of government, AT ALL THREE LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL WILL FIX IT. Absent a Full Fledged revolution, it can/will never happen. They have already ensured with laws, that will never happen. So do like they all do. Screw the people (GOVERNMENT) EVERY CHANCE YOU CAN and enjoy your life. EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF....... LOL

Thursday, March 5, 2020