The upside of a flooded basement


With all of the COVID drama that has been going on lately, my mood has been glum. Add to that a torrential flood in our basement, due solely to my lack of intelligence when I purchased that wonderfully fluffy toilet paper that felt comfy when used but balled up into a cement toilet stopper as it tried to find its way down free from our toilet to the sewer, and my mood turned downright vicious.

The homeowner’s insurance workmen were scheduled to come to remove my lifelong mementos from the river in the cellar. The dishes my mother used to use, reports cards from Oakland Beach School, odd trophies and awards, Christmas decorations, camp supplies, accordion, clothes from when I weighed less and clothes from when I weighed more, a bedroom set, large screen television and the obligatory Play Station 5, and one very large tank and reptile raised from a hatchling, were floating around wet and useless, (except for the reptile, who quite enjoyed the extra water.)

Leaving son, Steven, in charge, Hubby and I decided to treat ourselves to a weekend away from the stress and aggravation. Using, a room was booked at a reduced rate and off we drove to a wonderful Marriot Hampton Inns and Suites.  I have stayed in many hotels and found the room to be similar to most.  King bed, small refrigerator with teeny tiny freezer to fit a popsicle, microwave for heating snacks, and a big screen “smart” tv that outsmarted me when I tried to change the channel. The one unusual item, which I requested on the hotel ap that listed it as an option, was a very large jacuzzi tub for two in the room.  It appears that the hotel was recently remodeled, and the second bed was replaced by this hot tub vortex. As one who LOVES baths, I was overjoyed!  It was filled with hot water and bubbles, and I lounged while the bubbles multiplied around me.  I could stretch out straight, lounging comfortably against one wall with only my toes touching the other wall.  TWO people? This jacuzzi could fit three or four!

The hotel, like most, had free breakfast. Little omelets, breakfast potatoes and bacon sat in one area, with fresh fruit, cereals, muffins, and toast in another.  The piece de resistance was the waffle maker against the wall.  My cooking skills were not taxed too much in pouring the waffle mix into the maker and, voila! Fresh waffles.  Given the choice of honey or maple syrup packets for toppings, I chose both as an experiment. Both were equally tasty and gave me the task of researching which has less calories and is better for one’s health. The results were some somewhat surprising; maple syrup is the better choice! Honey has more fructose in it, which is considered to affect the health of the heart negatively. Its glycemic index is also higher.  Both options, though, are not healthy.  Sorry I looked…

During the day, we took a ride to a few of my favorite stores for hobby shopping.  (No, not shopping for hobby items, but to practice my hobby of shopping, something which has been very difficult to do while working full-time.) Brandishing a coupon for the Christmas Tree Shop, I was in my glory filling the carriage up with Christmas 90%-mark downs.  Candy is candy, with the colors green and red not relegating it to Christmas season only. M&Ms taste the same, no matter what season it is!  I also purchased a flannel sheet set with deer and snowflakes on them, perfect for our tiny house in New Hampshire, especially at $1.79, along with Christmas tree scented candles that smell well on any occasion.  Everything was so cheap that I had a hard time spending the $75 I needed to spend to use my $15 off coupon and left with a cart full of items for less than $30 instead.

Once back at the hotel, I devoured a few of the scrumptious, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies in the lobby and went back to the room for a swim in the jacuzzi. It was a magnificent trip to bring me out of my flooded basement bad mood.


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