The unsung heroes!


Last week I had to get new tires. The shop told me that it would take an hour or two. I decided to walk over to the Dunkin’ Donuts, or DD as they’re now called, on Post Road.

I’m a “make my own coffee” kind of girl, so I hadn’t been inside a DD in decades. Wow, things have changed! I ordered coffee and a breakfast sandwich and sat at a table in the back of the shop. I was amazed at how busy this small store was. In addition to waiting on people that walked in, they also had drive-thru customers, Grubhub orders, and orders that were made on their “On The Go” app.

I’m not going to lie, I was impressed! There were six people working the front end. Some were taking orders and collecting money. Others were making coffee, sandwiches and getting orders together. The two in the back end were making the donuts and making sure the front end had all the products they needed. It was organized chaos at its best!

During a lull in the action, I had the opportunity to speak to two of the workers.

Rachel was taking orders and collecting money for walk-ins, like myself. She was patient, kind and had a smile on her face. She said the day flies by because there is always a steady stream of customers.

Susan was working in the front and running to the back requesting items. It was 8 a.m. and she had been there since 3:30 a.m. I commented on how busy the store was and how things seemed to run so smoothly. In the 45 minutes I was there, I counted no less than 75 orders being filled. She complimented her fellow workers and said they worked like a well-oiled machine. The whole time I was there the line for the drive-thru stretched to the street and the counter always had customers.

My order was filled in minutes, my coffee was hot and my sandwich was yummy!

I came away thinking two things. First, I should of bought a DD years ago. And secondly, America really does run on Dunkin’!

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