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* * ½

(Revenge tale)

Blake Lively plays the ordinary woman put into an extraordinary situation after her family is killed by a bomb in a plane crash. She decides to go after the perpetrators, although she his completely unqualified.

Her quest leads her around the world, where she tracks down and kills all the people involved, from the planner to the financer, the culprit, but not before being put through rigorous training by Jude Law.

It is all a bit over the top, as she somehow tracks down all these evil people, gaining access to them and eliminating them. Lively has some great disguises and somehow gets from Madrid to Tangiers to other exotic places with ease.

Keep your eye on Sterling K. Brown, who plays a mild mannered father on the popular TV “This Is Us” show, and proves to be the turning point in the violent movie.

"The Rhythm Section" is exciting, if completely unbelievable. Rated R, with violence, sex and profanity.


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