Santilli: The quarantine routine


What happens when you are confined to your home, not able to leave for any reason?

At first you are determined to eat healthy, exercise every day, go for long walks and catch up on all the projects you never have time for. For the first month you are a trooper getting up early, doing morning stretches, making a healthy breakfast for everyone, clean up jump in the shower get made up and dressed (you don’t want to break your routine) and your day begins. You take on your project for the day; maybe clean a closet, or kitchen cabinets. This is good, you’re really productive and loving it. You finish just in time for lunch. Thank God or the family would starve. Lunch today: Soup, grilled cheese & tomato sandwich, and chocolate pudding for dessert. It’s computer work time, then phone calls, and work on your next children’s book.

Month 2 still getting up early, taking a shower, getting made up and dressed, but family now has started to get their own breakfast. Everyone is tired of eggs, and now has moved on to muffins, leftover pie or cake. Lunch has now turned into whatever is leftover in the fridge. The rest of the day until supper has turned into an eat-a-thon! Supper is crazy you can’t put the food out fast enough after all lunch was at 12:30 and with only one afternoon snack it’s understandable that they are STARVING! Immediately after supper it’s coffee and of course desert of some kind. Clean up begins but doesn’t last too long, there is some kind of snack lurking in the night after all it’s 9:30 and we ate at 6:00, it’s understandable that everyone is hungry! Now it could be anything, starts out healthy, halo oranges, grapes, and then declines to popcorn, chips & dip, English muffin, cereal, or sometimes sandwiches, big sandwiches! Can’t wait for next month, my guess is that all the doors will have to be widened, in order for us to get out! I’m not worried I always wanted to have double doors in the bedrooms!


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