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(Gory, mean-spirited slaughter flick)

This gory, mean-spirited slaughter movie is pure trash. It opens with a group of people emerging from the woods only to be picked off by rifles and bombs, leaving Crystal (Betty Gilpin) to single-handedly wipe out the bad guys who have organized this deadly game.

The theme has been used before, notably in the metaphorical short story, "The Most Dangerous Game,” which I remember from my college English class. "The Hunt" bears no resemblance to good taste, going for blood and gore, with the rich folks killing the "deplorables,” aka poor white trash, for sport.

Crystal takes no prisoners, as she wipes out the bad guys – and gal – with her incredible fighting talents and show-no-mercy attitude. The closing hand-to-hand fight scenes are ridiculous.

This awful movie has no redeeming social value whatsoever. Along with Bloodshot, it is all that is opening in a week when they are the only new choices for entertainment.

Rated a big R, with blood and gore and profanity.


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