The death knell has sounded


To the Editor:

The death knell may already have been sounding. President Trump certainly didn’t hear it. And, just as important, most of his followers – especially the more rabid ones – refused to admit the frightful music had even been composed.

That’s over now. There’s no more denying that the somber tune grows louder as November approaches. Even Trump’s most ardent supporters in the U.S. Senate and in GOP statehouses have cleansed their ears and now hear the lament of the mourners. The sound heralds the last days of Trump’s time at the nation's helm. The funereal tune will accompany him as he soon boards the presidential helicopter for the last time.

Exactly which of Trump’s recent actions prompted the conductor to strike up the music of death that even reached the ears of his erstwhile supporters? His statement that the November election might have to be delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic – it was the final straw that caused the conductor to raise his baton and strike up the music of last rites.

Every musician in the death knell band had become more and more prepared to play the ghostly music. Trump’s self-serving, narcissistic, truly un-American statement finally sent them to their instruments.

It’s over, Mr. President. The death knell has sounded. Even those Americans who held their noses and voted for you four years ago now hear the music. As tone deaf as you are, surely even you hear it now.

Lonnie Barham



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First of all, dear sweet Joe Biden belongs in a nursing home. And if he does by some chance get in as a puppet for the Progressive, Liberal Democratic party; which now stands for the Socialist Communist Party, then this country will definitely hear a death knell because it will be another China.

Friday, August 7, 2020

On Nov 4, the Swamp will wake up to the reality that Ruth Ginsberg won't probably won't survive the next four years, so what will they do when President Trump wins again.? Where will the Never Trumpers go? Where will the Bush/ Rockefeller Republicans go? How will they be able to adjust to the reality that they lost big time? Will you start a revolution? Will you leave the country as you promised four years ago? Mr Barham, get ready to pack your bags because that day is coming in less than 3 months.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Oh Lonnie, get ready....because the president will be re-elected.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020