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Though they come from entirely different walks of life, Suzy Verdelotti and Nathan Bouchard have one thing in common ~ they had suffered from chronic pain for far too long.  Suzy had constant pain in her neck and shoulders from a 38-year job as a bartender.  Nathan had fallen off a roof eight years ago, broken his knee and was unable to walk for three and a half years.  Both Suzy and Nathan needed relief but were wary of traditional pain killers and their addictive potential. Suzy was prescribed medication that she would only take at night after work, but mostly, she had just learned to tolerate the pain as it slowly took a huge toll on her body, and her overall well-being.  Nathan dealt with non-stop pain that cost him a job, mobility, and mostly, peace of mind. Pain had robbed him of almost everything.

 For Suzy and Nathan, who are now part of the dedicated team of associates and CBD advisors at The CBD Store, seeking relief from pain became a full-time occupation.  Both of their searches, which started out as a desperate measure to mitigate their daily battles with pain, led them to The CBD Store and CBD products. 

Nathan began by applying doses of CBD-infused salve onto his knee and, before long, felt the pain subsidize.  The CBD was attacking the inflammation that had plagued him for so long.  Under the advisement of Mike Lanoue, the owner of The CBD Store, Nathan started taking the CBD in form of tincture oil and soon, began to feel like himself again.  He now describes himself as “awake, alive and revitalized”, no longer in a fog of pain, fatigue, despair, and hopelessness.  CBD quite literally gave him his life back.

Suzy couldn’t imagine a life without pain; it had become her constant companion. The prescription drug she was on did not address the source of her problem; what she needed was to be “repaired from the inside out.”  When Suzy found Mike Lanoue and The CBD Store, she knew that had found true help. Like Nathan, she began with the topical salve, and then the ingestible oils.  She is no longer on pain medication and feels “restored,” like a new person.

When you come to The CBD Store, there is a good chance you will meet Suzy and Nathan, living examples of how CBD changed their lives. Ask them to share their success stories.  Let them help you write your own success story.

CBD has been attributed to helping provide relief from everything from anxiety and chronic pain to stress, depression, migraines, PTSD, arthritis, and many other conditions related to inflammation.  CBD is non-addictive and non-psychoactive.

The CBD Store is found at 1845 Post Road in Warwick.  The store is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00am – 5:00pm, Sundays, 10:00am to noon. Find them on all social media platforms. Call 401-360-7093 or visit them at


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