Super job by a super man


Put a pair of reading glasses on six-foot, five-inch tall Deputy Police Chief Joseph Razza and you’d get Clark Kent.

And following the recent flooding on Belfield Drive, we’re pretty sure he wears a Superman shield under his police uniform.

There’s no question that the recent flooding on Belfield has been a major inconvenience for local residents. It’s not often that a section of town is declared a disaster area by the federal government. We sympathize with their plight and offer them our best for a drier future ahead as soon as possible.

Deputy Chief Razza serves as the town’s Emergency Management Director, and has continually monitored and coordinated the town’s efforts with the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency, while utilizing the town’s resources (Police, Fire, and DPW), including neighboring community resources, when necessary.

His work during this disaster has been complimented by federal officials, Governor Gina Raimondo, Mayor Joseph Polisena and other departments and elected officials in town for his dedication to those affected and of his handling of the situation. We would like to add our accolades to his performance as well.

More than a week before any other media outlet in the state reported on the situation on Belfield Drive, Razza contacted the Sun Rise about the flooding and the steps the town was taking to remedy the situation. We spoke with him before any affected resident contacted us, and since that time we can attest that he has taken duties seriously.

Razza has deftly answered all of the questions we’ve posed to him, modified emergency plans as the situation changed at the scene, and arranged rides through the floodwaters for both residents and a Sun Rise reporter to provide transparency to the situation. He’s familiar with the history of the area and the flooded river, been on scene multiple times a day at all hours, and has been on point since the start of the disaster.

Unjustly, he’s faced criticisms from keyboard warriors on social media who are unfamiliar with all of his efforts, and he has taken those unwarranted comments to heart.

We would like to recognize Deputy Chief Razza for a job well done and are confident that he is doing his best to protect and serve the residents of Belfield Drive and beyond.


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