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Delivering healthy prepared meals twice a week


These are worrisome times for so many, with dread seeping into every facet of life and an unknown virus disrupting the most ordinary of daily activities. For the many customers of Raf Mekhanjian, a nutrition and training specialist and the owner of Start My Diet, this health crisis has caused them to temporarily abandon long-held routines and regiments. Personal health is important to these customers, so when their diets and exercise habits are impacted, Rafe wants them to know that they can still find what they need at his nutrition and supplement superstore in Johnston.
As a lifetime health enthusiast and business owner, Rafe connects with each of his customers on an individual level, sharing with them their passion for fitness and wellness. Start My Diet is the go-to destination for everything you could need to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, including dietary supplements, vitamins, protein drinks, keto-diet snacks, CBD-infused products and nutrients for your hair, skin and nails ~ and this is just the beginning. There are quite literally hundreds of products at this retail store, all of which were personally researched and hand selected by Rafe.
Customers can ask Rafe about any product and any ingredient in any of the products he sells at Start My Diet and he can give you a detailed answer. He would not sell any product that he himself wouldn’t use! He is trustworthy, experienced and extremely knowledgeable.
While the store is officially closed at this time, Rafe wants his customers to know that they can still get their favorite supplements and foods from the store. He is now providing curbside pick-up as well as delivery, a service he has long offered. Just call him at 401-632-9326 and Rafe will help walk you through exactly what you might need during these unusual times. This pandemic does not have to interfere with your lifestyle choices.
Along with the delivery or curbside pickup of the store’s many products, Start My Diet offers an important convenience, the delivery of healthy, balanced prepared meals. This is a service that Rafe has offered his customers for many months, but is needed now more than ever.
These meals are prepared in both Keto and non-Keto style and come in two sizes, 4 oz and 8 oz. The meals are always fresh (never frozen!) and start at as little as $7.00/meal. They are brought to your home twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. To learn what is on the menu for the week, visit their Facebook page where the two menu options are published each week.
Start My Diet is located at 1478 Atwood Avenue. When the store is finally open again for regular hours, it is open every day except Sunday. In addition to the retail store, there is an adjacent fitness gym, Fit4Life where personal training is available. To learn more, find them on Facebook or visit their website at


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