Springtime Magic & Ritual Workshop

Posted by ArrowTarot

If you want to create new plans, sweep away old energies, and plant the seeds of abundance for the season, then join Jamie for this hands-on seasonal magic workshop! AND get your own spell kit!

Imbolc is an ancient Pagan holiday based on Celtic traditions; it marks the halfway point between winter solstice and the spring equinox in Neolithic Ireland and Scotland. This is the time of year when we start to emerge from the darkness of winter in preparation for the Spring.

The event begins with a presentation on the history of Imbolc and the Goddesses associated with the season. We will learn about how ancient beliefs impact our traditions today, and ways that we can capture the spirit of the season in the modern world.

Next, we will participate in our own ritual, where we will plant the fire seeds of intention, practice candle divination, and meditate in the salt cave. Jamie will interweave tarot readings and reiki healing into the workshop, and each participant will receive their own Imbolc Spell Kit!

Ticket price: $60 per person.
Class Size is limited to 6 Guests.

If you are interested in registering for this Imbolc Magic and Ritual Workshop with Jamie - please call Saltitude for a reservation 401-359-7937 or email saltituderi@gmail.com.

You must bring or wear white socks for the preservation of the salt floor, and you must wear a mask.

Jamie began reading tarot in 2016 and founded Arrow Tarot in 2018. Not only is she an experienced tarot reader, she is also a certified reiki practitioner and a happiness coach who loves studying folklore.

To learn more about Arrow Tarot, check out her website: https://arrowtarotreadings.com/
or follow @arrowtarot on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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