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(Good lessons for kids from video game character)

While we are not fans of movies based on characters from video games, we must acknowledge the good lessons for kids in this well made live action/computer-generated movie from the old Sega video game.

Ben Schwartz is the voice of the blue hedgehog from outer space who escapes to earth and befriends the local sheriff of Green Hills, Montana (James Marsden). Sonic is faster than a speeding bullet, and he needs to be, running from the evil, cunning Dr. Robotnik, played over the top by Jim Carrey, who wants to steal his powers.

Behind all of the running around, Sonic is much more than a chase movie. It is a movie about friendship, acceptance, understanding and finding your place in the world. There are a number of lessons to be learned about accepting people who are different than you and helping those in need.

The sheriff of a small western town is in a bi-racial marriage that isn't given a second thought by the tight-knit community. Nor is the fact that this weird alien blue hedgehog needs their help.

Sheriff Tom and Sonic take a road trip to San Francisco that is both funny and exciting as they narrowly dodge the evil doctor. They develop a friendship and understanding as Sonic tries to fulfill his "bucket list" while finding a pouch of rings that will help him escape.

The movie wraps up nicely with a couple of postscripts during the credits that suggest more to come. Send the kids to this one, and maybe stick around to see what good children's films look like.

Rated PG, with some bathroom humor and even a couple of naughty words that aren't necessary.


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