Sniveling cowards


To the Editor:

Does anyone else find it interesting that the more hate and venom the left tries to spread against our president and other normal thinking Americans the more foolish they appear?

Do these leeches in Washington, and here in our home state, realize that they are condemning their fellow Americans who, in many cases, probably voted them into office? All conservative thinking people are not fascists just as all liberal thinking people are not Antifa Nazi thugs.

These sycophants’ are so concerned with destroying the president that they seem to have forgotten that they are paid by hard working Americans who want to see their taxes well spent. Something that is truly a fantasy in today’s atmosphere of spreading hate and discontent. Personally I hope they fail but for only one reason. None of them including the President truly care about any of us and anyone who does not believe that is truly naïve. I hope they fail to impeach him because he is the kind of person who will make them pay for what they tried to do to him and as they are nothing more than sniveling cowards their reaction to his response should keep us entertained well into the new year.

John Cervone

North Providence


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