Service, character, scholar & citizenship: Johnston's finest students honored


Johnston Senior High School’s National Honor Society induction ceremony took place on Thursday, May 5, to celebrate the hard work and dedication of students from the classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024.

Being the first full ceremony since 2019, many were thrilled to bring the annual event back to its standard regimen. The ceremony serves as a way to recognize the members of the National Honor Society on their accomplishments in the past year. In order to become members, students had to maintain at least a 3.5 grade point average as well as complete twenty hours of community service. They also had to be enrolled in at least 2 honors courses, a part of two extracurricular activities, and have a leadership position or write about how they exude leadership qualities.

Students walked into the ceremony to the music of certain members who also participate in the high school’s band.

Emilia Ruggiero, the advisor of the society, spoke to congratulate the upcoming, current, and retiring participants. Members of the teacher committee also spoke about the pillars that the society strive to meet, those being scholarship, citizenship, leadership, character, and service. Before students started to make their way to the stage, the master of ceremony, as well as president of the National Honor Society, Glorianna Crichlow led the group in declaring the organization’s membership pledge.

Soon enough, the class of 2022 students received their certificates of achievement followed by the class of 2023 and then 2024 after.

Before bringing the ceremony to a close, Ruggiero announced those who served their time as officers in the past year for the National Honor Society and the National Junior Honor Society in which they were able to stand and receive the crowd’s applause. Following this, the current senior officers were able to pass down their roles to the upcoming students through the act of passing candles to their successors as they made their way to the seats that the seniors had sat in.

Crichlow then gave a speech about what the group had accomplished in the past year which included park clean-ups, can drives for charity, giving clothes to families in need, along with singing Christmas carols on tape and sending them to local nursing homes due to the fact they couldn’t visit in person because of pandemic protocols.

Crichlow also spoke about how the group met the pillars of what it means to be a member and how they all match to the definition of honor. As the ceremony concluded, students exited to a recessional song performed by members from the school’s chorus and met their proud families in the hallway where refreshments were available.

Editor’s Note: Talia Laflamme is the newly inducted National Honor Society President. The Johnston Sun Rise strives to regularly publish stories submitted by members of the Johnston High School Student Council.


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