Senate District 29 - Republicans

Posted 9/7/22

Editor’s Note: We failed to include the statements of Republican candidates running in Senate District 29 when featuring the remarks of Warwick primary candidates in last Thursday’s …

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Senate District 29 - Republicans


Editor’s Note: We failed to include the statements of Republican candidates running in Senate District 29 when featuring the remarks of Warwick primary candidates in last Thursday’s paper. The comments of Christopher Barker and Anthony DeLuca II are below:

Chris Barker

I am Chris Barker. I would like to be your next Senator in Warwick, Rhode Island Senate District 29. I have a fantastic wife, Sharon and a son Jordan whom I am very proud of. I am a blue-collar guy, being a metal worker for the last 30 years. I have old fashioned values and a strict adherence to what is spelled out as the rule of law in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I heard the call to run on Declaration Day and have never looked back taking my lumps and rolling with the punches while learning on the fly. To me it’s about the bigger picture which is about building for a better-balanced future. Time to recalibrate the scales and set things right!

I seek to employ a lifetime of skills in the Senate. Once elected I will jump in, roll up my sleeves and fight to right the ship and put the district I hope to represent back on a straight and steady course to the days of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

We have all persevered through the many challenges in dealing with inflation and Covid-19. One of my goals would be to have the state more readily adapt to and overcome these issues. I also favor eliminating governmental overreach. I believe I have the skills and tenacity required to find common sense solutions to these and many other issues.

“Democracy is a rule of the people, for the people and by the people”- something I will strive to bring back to Rhode Island.

I am seeking office to help all my fellow Rhode Islanders. I will always strive to be a public servant and not a politician. This is however, a team initiative. Only with your VOTE on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 can WE make our voices HEARD!

Anthony DeLuca

My name is Anthony DeLuca. I am running to represent Warwick District 29 in the Rhode Island Senate. I am a lifelong City of Warwick resident and father of three beautiful children. Having graduated from Warwick Veterans Memorial High School, I wanted to continue the tradition in my family. Two of my children are students in the Warwick Public School system and the other a student at St. Kevin School. I am currently employed by the Warwick Water Dept.

I have decided to run for office because our government, at the State level, has forgotten its role in representing the people, increasingly infringing on our God given rights. The founding of our Country was inspired by the declaration that our individual, God-given liberties should be protected against government intrusion. We have all felt the pain state leaders are inflicting on the common citizens of Rhode Island. During the height of the pandemic your Democrat leaders at the State House shut down your businesses, churches, doctor’s offices, and kept you from seeing your loved ones. In 2020 Rhode Island’s Covid restrictions had a particularly devastating effect on the elderly, veterans, and those struggling from drug, mental health and alcohol addictions. In-person therapy and counseling was deemed unsafe by the State of Rhode Island and those struggling with substance abuse were not able to get the in person counseling they needed. In 2020 Rhode Island set a state record for accidental overdoses. Sadly, that record was broken again in 2021.

I have been an EMT in RI for nearly 20 years. I’ve worked from the onset of Covid 19 in the City of Warwick and was called a “Hero” for putting myself at risk. I was infected with Covid in January of 2021. In the summer of 2021 Governor McKee and the RI DOH made it mandatory for all RI Healthcare workers to be vaccinated, regardless of having documented Covid 19 antibodies or be terminated. I called the Governor’s office asking how a State founded on religious freedom could issue a mandate which does not allow a religious/conscious exemption. The response I received from the Governor’s office was, “If you don’t like it, get a lawyer.” So, I took their advice. I helped hundreds of RI Healthcare workers file for unemployment whose religious exemptions were denied by their employers. To this day no RI healthcare worker has been paid for that time lost due to Governor McKee’s Mandate.

As your Senator I will fight to keep CDC recommendations just that, recommendations. So, individuals can have a choice for themselves, without fear of losing their jobs over personal medical decisions. In America we proclaim the self-evident truths that all of us are created equal and granted by God the same unchangeable rights to life, liberty, conscience, free speech, free exercise of religion, ability to pursue happiness, own property, build wealth and defend ourselves and our families. The very purpose of the government is to secure these rights, not to impede them. The ideas we have for our fellow citizens should always defend our liberties, not take them away. I’ve read both of my possible Democrat opponent’s Warwick Beacon profiles, they each point out excellent reasons why you should not vote for them this election. When I become your Senator I will endlessly fight for the rights of every individual.

I do not have a steady source of funds from Unions, or checks coming in from out of state to fund my campaign, unlike my Democrat opponents. Most importantly I’m asking for your vote on September 13th in the Republican Primary and on Nov 8th in the General Election. I am your common-sense alternative. If you are interested in contacting me for questions, comments, yard sign requests or are interested in donating to my campaign please visit Thank you. God Bless America and the State of Rhode Island.


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