Self Serenity Wellness Spa

Where you can go to find relief from the stresses of life


A place of serenity, whether it is a physical space or a merely a frame of mind, is a state of being “calm, peaceful, and untroubled.”  In a world where calm and peace are often elusive and where troubles abound, serenity can be hard to find.  Amidst all the noise around us, it is a grace to find this much-needed calm in the tranquil setting of Self Serenity Wellness Spa in Johnston.

Self Serenity Wellness Spa is the passion and lifeblood of Jessica Accetturo, a Licensed Massage Therapist whose own search for peace and strength led her to open this wellness spa just last summer.  For Jessica, the spa is a dream realized but also a place where she can share with others the healing power of massage.

Jessica’s journey to the creation of Self Serenity began long before she and her husband converted an all-season porch in her home into this restorative spa.  As a trained phlebotomist, Jessica had worked in several medical settings, but phlebotomy would not be her true calling.  Her career ~ and her life ~ took a drastic turn when she was confronted with some significant life changes, all which occurred seven years ago.

It was at this time that Jessica was faced with not only major decisions regarding marriage, parenthood, and career, but also a devastating diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Looking back now, Jessica knows that these experiences led her to a career that has brought her both personal fulfillment and an opportunity to help others in an impactful way. 

During those challenging days in 2014, Jessica completed her schooling and professional training to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.  She also married her husband and greatest supporter Brad, had a baby girl Giavanna, and two short years later, had her youngest daughter, Arianna. These were whirlwind days that instilled in Jessica a sense of her own strength, a deep sense of empathy towards others with debilitating conditions such as MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis and chronic pain, and also a sense of serenity, knowing that her arduous journey had purpose and meaning.

Today, Jessica’s clients come from all walks of life and experiences.  She is widely known for her strong, healing hands and her calm, soothing manner.  Jessica takes great measures to communicate with her clients, educating them on the human body’s complicated muscles system. She offers a comprehensive range of massage therapies including everything from Swedish massages to sports therapies, deep-muscle massages to cupping therapies.  She also offers various body scrub treatments. Jessica even invites you to host a Self-Indulgence Spa Party in your home (or anywhere you want!)

To learn more, follow Self Serenity Wellness Spa on Facebook and Instagram, as well as at its website,  To make your appointment, call Jessica at 401-465-6800. She is available Mondays through Saturdays. Gift certificates are available and are perfect for any occasion.


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