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(Violent Vigilante Flick)

You have got to like any movie that stars Denzel Washington, even one that violently depicts dozens of grossly realistic deaths.

Denzel plays vigilante Robert McCall, with his super sweet smile, casual demeanor, love for women and children, and passion for justice.

Before the credits we watch McCall wipe out a dozen bad guys in a variety of grotesque ways before getting shot in the back.

He is taken in by a compassionate doctor who nurses (or should I say doctors) him back to life.

McCall miraculously recovers, climbing the steep stairs of the quaint Italian village with a cane and lots of true grit.

He sits in the village café sipping tea after laying out napkins on the table, seemingly the only American in town.

The Mafia have moved into the area, threatening the good, peaceful people. McCall takes notice. After the bad guys burn down the local fish market, McCall is ready to do his vigilante thing. One by one he takes on the bad guys.

Dakota Fanning plays a CIA operative who gets involved. We’re not sure how the Americans got involved in Italy, but it has something to do with a drug cartel.

“Equalizer 3” carries a big R rating because of the blood and gore. Denzel has that twinkle in his eye as he knocks off the bad guys with brutal ease, and shows compassion and love for his Italian friends, who see him as their hero and savior.

It is a bit corny, but only Denzel Washington can get away with it.

And this is the same guy who shows his tremendous acting skills in plays like “Fences.”


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