Schmitty The Weather Dog takes Barnes Elementary by storm


What weighs four pounds and has a nose for the weather? Schmitty the Weather Dog.

Along with NYC Meteorologist Ron Trotta and NYC children’s book author, Elly McGuire, this furry celebrity pup entertained and educated kids with their Schmitty The Weather Dog Science Sing-Along Show at the Sarah Dyer Barnes School on Tuesday.

Using literacy, music and a really cute dog, Team Schmitty the Weather Dog visits schools across the country with their Schmitty the Weather Dog Science Sing-Along Show, inspiring students, especially girls, to get excited about studying STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects.

“We were lucky enough to have Team Schmitty The Weather Dog visit our school,” said Stacy Landi, a third grade teacher at Winsor Hill Elementary School about a previous visit. “Author Elly’s oral reading of her book was inflected in such a way, it should be a Broadway production, Then Schmitty The Weather Dog came out. The crowd went wild. Oh my goodness, can you say adorable? Meteorologist Ron shared his many talents of singing, keyboard playing and entertaining knowledge of weather. Children, staff, teachers, and administrators were singing and dancing. I can’t say enough about Team Schmitty the Weather Dog.”

Schmitty The Weather Dog has appeared on The Ellen Show, ACCESS Hollywood, and been on stage in NYC’s Central Park with Oprah. And not just another pretty face, her STEM star status landed Schmitty the Weather Dog on the cover of Hamptons Pet magazine.

Schmitty the Weather Dog and Meteorologist Ron have been the official weather team for the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), and the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Along with Author Elly (who grew up in Rhode Island) they have visited more than 200 elementary schools across the country with their STEM enrichment program. The Schmitty the Weather Dog Science Sing-Along Show has garnered rave reviews from students, teachers, principals and parents alike and is one of the few STEM enrichment programs geared to Pre-K thru 5th grade students.

Team Schmitty The Weather Dog’s appearance at the Sara Dyer Barnes Elementary School was the team’s second school visit to Johnston. Last fall, they brought their STEM program to the Winsor Hill elementary school.

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