Safety protocols


To the Editor:

In all our public facilities there is an urgent need to be informed and practice the required means of public safety from most hazardous incidents.

The first is OSHA’s Emergency Action Plan. A few of the requirements are: a plan for reporting the ongoing incident, evacuation of staff and visitors, assign train employees for medical assistance and evacuation guidance, identify secure space for sheltering in place, and inform all of the location for employee assembly outside. Also create a culture of vigilance by empowering all to report any unusual or suspicious person or activity.

The second is the Building and Fire Codes that govern the building’s safety requirements. They include: maximum capacity, emergency lighting, exit signage, required location of secondary exits, clear paths of egress, exit doors that open from the inside and swing to the outside, crowd control management, and restricted parking around perimeter for first responders. A few states have adopted public announcements of all emergency exits.

A needed app for smart phones is one to identify all the safety assets a building provides and verbal directions to emergency exits. The above is to ensure that all are safely protected when entering any enclosed public assembly facility.

Bob Sweeney


RES Associates



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