Rondeau’s Kickboxing’s Little Kickers Stepped into the Ring With Confidence!



Saturday Nov. 6,  Rondeau’s Kickboxing’s Little Kickers stepped into the ring! The kids started at age 6, stepped into the ring with confidence and excitement, to show what they have learned in the classes they have been attending each week. 

The matches started as 6-year-old Jose Miguel Restrepo from Central Falls faced off against 7-year-old Ibbi Hagen also from Central Falls. Each fighter fought a full 3 rounds, throwing kicks and punches back and forth, each earning a medal at the end. Later in the line-up Jose Miguel Restrepo went on to his next match up against 8-year-old Izzah Hagen, where it was nonstop action with Izzah throwing roundhouse kicks like a pro.

Natalia Cotugno, 10 years old from Smithfield also stepped into the ring twice, first with 9-year-old Lexmarlly Garcia, and then with 8-year-old Lexmarlen Garcia, both from North Providence.  In both matches these ladies also went all three rounds and ended with each girl being awarded their medals

To finish the day of fights, in stepped 9-year-old Keenan Honore, from Johnston who faced off against 16-Year-old Kyle Silveira from Cranston. Keenan had been preparing for the day’s bout with determination. He has not only been attending the kid’s classes, but also attending adult kickboxing classes and sparring sessions with adults to sharpen his skills. The training paid off as he and Kyle went back and forth during the three rounds, exchanging not just jabs, crosses and hooks, but also spinning backfists and spinning kicks.

“We have kids starting at 6 years old stepping into the ring, to see their confidence grow each time they come to class, is why we do what we do!  For them to take that next step, stepping out of their comfort zone and into the ring is a huge accomplishment for them,” said owner Christina Rondeau. “Just stepping in the ring these fighters are champs. It takes a lot of courage to get in there. Then add the pressure of family and friends watching you makes the nerves even worse. I am proud of anyone that steps in the ring even if it’s only once."


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