Ravi Shavi's Rafay Rashid, Deer Tick's Dennis Ryan team up for 'Husband'


Even in a situation like the current COVID-19 crisis, musicians can still collaborate to create something new. Of course, that’s if they practice social distancing and work together using the connectivity that the internet provides.

A new project that has been birthed recently is Husband, which features Rafay Rashid from Providence garage rock act Ravi Shavi and Dennis Ryan from Providence indie rockers Deer Tick.

Rashid and Ryan have been familiar with each other as members of the Providence rock band Happiness, but their new venture has more of a new wave and lo-fi vibe. It has a local connection due to Rashid growing up in Warwick during his adolescence.

Husband’s existence to the masses was signaled through the release of their self-titled debut album that was self-released on March 23. It’s the result of certain musical styles that Rashid and Ryan both enjoy.

“Husband came out of our mutual affinity for both experimental production and traditional songwriting,” Rashid said of what inspired him and Ryan to pursue the project. “This album was developed during a particularly active period of collaboration between Dennis and I. In that time we made two rap albums, GhostPak and Captain Coast, as well as working on the project which brought us together, Happiness. I had been offered a solo show at a bar in Providence’s Olneyville neighborhood and was scrambling to put together a set. I asked Dennis if he wanted to play drums for the set, which consisted of solo songs I had written over the years.”

“He had the idea to make an album based off of a new treatment of the songs which we would also implement for the live show,” Rashid added. “This treatment included sampling of live drum and guitar tracks as well as the use of sampled synth parts. We played the show with Dennis triggering those samples using a Roland SP-404 as I sang and played the guitar. There is more coming from Husband in the near future and we are very excited about it.”

That new wave vibe mentioned earlier is evident in the track “Violence” from the album. The dynamic between the synth parts and the distorted guitar riffs is pretty cool – a combination of glossy and rigid elements that makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

“Winning” has a ballad feel to it while the beats lay down the foundation. There’s a laid-back emotional quality to it that gets the point of getting ahead across without any poignant intensity.

An interesting track on the album is a borderline trip hop cover of The Misfits’ “Where Eagles Dare.” It has a jazzy aesthetic to it that has Rashid getting soulful in a smooth way.

We’re all staying in because of COVID-19, so why not check out some new music? Stream Husband’s album by visiting their Bandcamp page at myfirsthusband.bandcamp.com.


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