Pro-choice advocates killed bill


To the Editor:

After hours of testimony, debate and high emotion, the RI Senate Judiciary Committee declined to send abortion bill RHCA/S152A for a Senate floor vote. Pro-life supporters rejoiced and pro-choice advocates threw a temper tantrum. The pro-choice supporters say, “women are scared” and “freedom to choose is taken away.”

But the reality is what killed this bill is the pro-choice sponsors refused to even discuss any compromise amendments. Which leads to the question: are pro-choice advocates really about “choice” or are they more about “coercion’?

 Never once did pro-choice supporters offer factual information, cite a study or poll to give their rationale why this law should eliminate the “quick child” legal protections.

Never once did the pro-choice supporters offer information or the rationale behind eliminating fetal viability as a common sense limitation. Instead they dressed up in costumes and chanted “Must pass RHCA” like a modern-day witches coven.

When pro-life supporters conducted polls and gathered petition signatures that showed even a majority of Democrats and women were against the late-term abortions allowed by its vague language, the pro-choice sympathetic media and supporters suppressed these facts. It is as though they put their fingers in their ears and kept repeating “la la la la la la la.”

So is this what happens at Planned Parenthood? A woman who is scared and goes in for help and when she talks about any option other than abortion then she is not listened to? We now have Abby Johnson’s movie Unplanned to report that it is very much the case. If it is not the case, then it is up to the pro-choice supporters to prove it.

Need further proof about the pro-choice supporters refusal to give information to support their view? Look no further than Pennsylvania Representative Brian Sims’ own video. How about the costumed pro-choice folks on Senator Archambault’s front lawn? How about RI Senators having to be escorted out of the Statehouse after the vote to protect them from violent pro-choice supporters? This is proof that they rely on bullying and intimidation.

We call on our legislators to refuse to give in to such tactics. Instead, the RI General Assembly should remember their oath of office to uphold the Constitution and represent to the will of RI voters, clearly tabulated in two polls and over 10,000 signatures on petitions in opposition to RHCA/S152A. The extreme abortion bill supporters need to take their fingers out of their ears and give logic and factual support to their position. We demand our right to freedom of religion and civil discourse. Live up to your own rhetoric of “choice” and stop the coercion.

Carey Jeffrey

Spokesperson, Co-founder

Citizens for Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness

East Greenwich


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wears in the constituion does it says da genarel assembly has to represent da wills of da peoples. Citation please. tank youse

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Ben Dover

Thank you Dr. Mengele for your thought provoking letter...Would the video of an abortion be considered "factual information" in your mind?

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

It is always the 'cornered rat' that goes for the throat. Pro-death abortionists are cornered with technological advances and becoming more violent. Life be damned to them.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Carey Jeffrey is a Liar

Carey, shame on you for lying. "But the reality is what killed this bill is the pro-choice sponsors refused to even discuss any compromise amendments." THAT IS A BLATANT FALSEHOOD.

Friday, May 24, 2019
The Skipper

I am almost 60. Recently saw a picture of myself 20 years ago and I realized I look nothing like I did those years ago.

I had hair, I was about 50 pounds heavier, and wore blue jeans and golf shirts. the next picture was about 20 years previous to that! there I was, full head of hair, fighting trim, could run 5 miles, bench 250, ready to go! and looked nothing like I did 20 years after that or 40 years now. In that same box I found the pictures that were taken when I was born obviously looking nothing like I do today. Eyes not open, couldn't hear, couldn't eat solid food. BUT I'm still the same person I just have a vastly different appearance. If we go back to the day before I was born? i was technically unborn, but wasn't I the same person the same Human Being? with the advancement today a baby can be born 22 weeks and still survive out of the womb and still survive with intense prenatal care. I probably couldn't be distinguish from a puppy or kitten, but it was still THE SAME HUMAN BEING.

Now if we go back to a few moments after conception? I looked nothing like anything I look like now. However:


When my Father and Mother got together. He contributed his part to my creation and my Mother contributed her's.

So my Mother, being a normal female produced (simplified for math) a viable contribution about once every 28 days. she was able to do this 12 times a year for about forty years. this comes to about 480 times in her lifetime.

My dad on the other hand probably just needed a nap and some dinner and he could "contribute"again.

If you took both their contributions out of the natural environment and put them in an artificial environment where they would keep alive to the point of infinity? They will not become anything more than they are. Two separate bits of gelatinous goo that while having the potential, can not nor will not progress or develop further.

When these to contributions of life come together in a womb barring interference, they will immediately combine and form HUMAN LIFE! It doesn't look anything like that "20 something" with the megaphone on a campus lawn screaming about her "right" or Choice". it's just a single cell. But despite all objections it's still HER.


Abortion takes an innocent human life. This is not debatable.

The willful taking of an HUMAN life is Murder.



Wednesday, May 29, 2019