Police Log 07-07-22

Posted 7/6/22


The Rhode Island State Police (RISP) reported a busy weekend during the July Fourth Holiday. State Troopers made 25 arrests for Driving Under the Influence, 28 arrests for other …

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Police Log 07-07-22



The Rhode Island State Police (RISP) reported a busy weekend during the July Fourth Holiday. State Troopers made 25 arrests for Driving Under the Influence, 28 arrests for other criminal offenses, issued 611 summonses for various traffic offenses and investigated 59 motor vehicle crashes, according to a RISP press release.


At 5:24 a.m., June 5, Warwick Police were dispatched to the area of Route 37 East at Post Road. Dispatch had received a report of a gray 2019 Toyota Highlander stopped in the roadway, on the off-ramp.

“It should be noted that there is only one lane of travel in this area, and that the vehicle was stopped so that more than half of it was obstructing the lane of travel,” Warwick Police Officer Keara M. Enos wrote in the arrest report. “I arrived on scene and approached the vehicle from the driver’s side window, at which point I observed a male party unconscious laying back in the driver’s seat.”

The vehicle was running, the stereo playing loudly, and the transmission in “drive,” according to Enos.

“I opened the driver’s side door, and immediately was overwhelmed by the odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle,” Enos wrote. “I observed an open glass bottle of Modelo (beer) in the center console of the vehicle.”

Police later identified the driver as Keywion Brown, 32, of 3 Salisbury St., Apt. 2, Providence.

He was breathing, but would not respond when Enos spoke to him, according to the report.

“I then rubbed his sternum area with my knuckles and shouted, and he suddenly woke up and sat up,” Enos wrote. “Brown was confused and his eyes were severely bloodshot.”

Enos told him to put the vehicle in “park.”

“Brown looked around the vehicle, confused,” Enos wrote. “Eventually he located the gear shift and put the vehicle in park. Brown appeared uncoordinated and his speech was mumbled and difficult to understand. I unstructed him to get out of the vehicle, and he became uncooperative. I then held his left bicep area and ordered him to exit the vehicle numerous times.”

More police arrived on scene. Brown eventually exited the vehicle.

Police conducted a series of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs).

Enos requested Warwick Fire Department respond to evaluate Brown’s condition to rule out medical issues.

“Brown was then instructed to sit on a nearby curb to await the arrival of WFD,” Enos wrote. “As he did so, Brown continued being belligerent. He mumbled as he spoke, and tucked his face into his sweatshirt, making it difficult for officers to understand his responses when trying to ascertain basic information.”

Brown was allegedly “aggressive and belligerent with members of the WFD,” after they arrived. He began yelling and waving his hands, and his answers to basic questions made no sense, so rescue personnel decided to transport him to Kent County Memorial Hospital for further evaluation.

Brown was placed under arrest for suspected Driving Under the Influence. His vehicle was towed from the scene. Police found a “bindle of pills in plain view sitting on the center console.” Police identified the pills as approximately 4-6 “MDMA/Ecstasy pills” in clear packaging.

Police also confiscated a baggie of marijuana and additional containers of alcohol.

According to police, Brown eventually consented to have blood drawn at the hospital, but refused all further medical attention. He was transported back to Warwick Police Headquarters, photographed and fingerprinted.

Brown was charged with one count of DUI (BAC Unknown, first offense), Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test, Possession of a Schedule 1 substance (less than 10 grams) and later released to the custody of his girlfriend.


Around 8:49 a.m., June 26, Warwick Police officer responded to Zeropoint gas station and convenience store at 855 Post Road, to investigate a reported burglary that had occurred overnight.

Upon arrival, police noted the front door glass was cracked and peeled up from the bottom A rock that police said was used to smash the glass was propping the door open, according to the incident report written by Warwick Police Officer Jackson A. Acciaioli.

The owner told police the store had been locked up around 10 p.m. the night before. The next morning, when an employee arrived to open the store, she noticed the damage and contacted the owner.

No alarm was triggered.

The owner showed police security footage that showed a light colored pickup truck driving down George Street from Post Road “and do some laps to canvass the area,” Acciaioli wrote. “The truck then parked a few houses down on George Street and a male exited the vehicle.”

The man walked down George Street and approached the building, struck the door with a large stone and then kicked the door with his foot.

“When he kicked the door the glass began to peel away from the bottom of the door frame and he was able to crawl under the glass and gain entry to the store (around 4 a.m.).”

The man walked behind the counter, opened a cabinet and transferred 18 cartons of cigarettes (mostly Newport and Marlboro) into a string bag. He took the bag through the same hole he entered and can be seen on video walking back to his truck. The owner estimated the loss around $2,016.

Warwick Police Detectives arrived on the scene to take photographs, gather possible fingerprints and review security footage. The incident remains under investigation.


At 4:15 p.m., June 22, Warwick Police were dispatched to Nordstrom Rack at 400 Bald Hill Road for a reported larceny. Upon arrival, they met with the victim who said that she responded to work around 10 a.m. and parked in between Nordstrom Rack and Jordan’s Furniture. When she got back to her vehicle around 2:45 p.m., she started her vehicle and it made a loud noise. She got out and looked under the vehicle — a 2001 Ford Excursion — and noticed that her catalytic converter had been stolen.

Police reviewed security camera footage and picked up a silver sedan parked three spaces away from the victim’s vehicle, with two subjects — one wearing a white shirt and the other a black shirt. They exited the vehicle, opened their trunk and then went out of frame due to the camera panning away.

Mall security also passed on a report from another mall worker who said she saw a man “acting suspicious walking around vehicles, in the area where the victim was parked.”

Another mall employee also reported to mall security that he “witnessed a catalytic converter being stolen off a vehicle.”

The incident remains under investigation.

Around 6 p.m., June 22, Warwick Police responded to Pro Fitness, at 200 Bald Hill Road, for a reported larceny. They spoke to an employee who started her vehicle around 5 p.m. and “heard that it was extremely loud.”

“Other people advised her that they believed her catalytic converter was stolen so she looked underneath the car and saw that it was stolen,” Warwick Police Officer Gian A. Micheletti wrote in the report.

Police reviewed security camera footage that showed a “newer model VW Golf color gray … with heavy tinted windows” pulled up next to the victim’s vehicle around 1 p.m.

The case was referred to Warwick Police Detectives for further investigation.

Around 9:44 a.m., June 21, a man walked into the Warwick Police Headquarters lobby to report the larceny of a catalytic converter that had occurred over the weekend. The man told police that his van was parked at Park N Ride on Airport Road and the converter was taken sometime since Jan. 19. The estimated value of the part was $1,000. The victim noticed it was missing around 10:30 a.m. on June 20.

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