PLANNING BOARD MEETING Tuesday September 1st, 2020; 6:00 P.M.


Johnston Planning Board
September 1, 2020

Tuesday September 1st, 2020; 6:00 P.M.

Because of COVID-19 and the current executive order, the Planning Board will adhere to the following procedures:
• The applicant must advise the Administrative Officer 24 hours in advance of all individuals attending on the applicant’s behalf. The attendee’s name and phone number will be required.
• All applications are scheduled for a specific time. All parties are advised that the hearing for a specific case may start later than advertised but in no situation will the application be heard prior to the time posted. If you arrive prior to the case being called, you must wait in your car or outside the senior center and remain socially distant.
• No one will be admitted to the Senior Center until the specific case, for which they are attending the meeting, is called.
• All individuals, upon entering the senior center must register, giving name, address and phone number. Staff will screen all who enter the meeting.
• A face mask must be worn at all times. When a person is recognized to speak, the individual, upon arriving at the podium, may remove the mask to speak to the board. The mask must be put back on before walking away from the podium.
• All individuals must maintain a minimum of six (6) foot social distancing.
• No furniture may be moved by an attendee.

Additionally, the general public may be permitted subject to conditions listed above and subject to maximum allowable space (no more than 34 people total) per Executive Order 20-58. Anyone may participate in the meeting electronically as follows:

Via Computer:

Via Telephone: 312 626 6799 or
929 205 6099 or 301 715 8592 or
346 248 7799 or 669 900 6833 or
253 215 8782

Meeting ID: 933 1255 3407

NOTE: Please check out the “ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS for emeetings held via Zoom” on the Town’s web page under Meetings & Events.


Item 1 - Scheduled for 6:05 PM
PB 20-19 - Bigelow Road Subdivision - 17 Bigelow Road - Minor Subdivision on a Private Road - Preliminary Plan - Assessor’s Plat 59 Lot 35 - R-40 Zone. Applicant William Baumlin.
The applicant is proposing a three-lot minor subdivision on a private road.

Item 2 - Scheduled for 6:25 PM
PB 20-22 - Deer Run Road & Orchard Avenue Subdivision - opposite 45 thru 63 Orchard Avenue - Minor/Major Subdivision - Master Plan - Assessor’s Plat 59 Lots 8 & 268 - R-40 Zone. Applicant Cavanaugh Family Limited Partnership.
The applicant is proposing the development of 9 lots accessed from Orchard Avenue and Deer Run Road. In addition to reviewing the draft master plan, the Board must determine how to class this development for the development process.

Item 3 - Scheduled for 6:45 PM
PB 20-23 - Taylor Road Subdivision - 34 Taylor Road - Conservation Development - Master Plan - Assessor’s Plat 30 Lot 16 - R-40 Zone. Applicant - Viti Home Builders.
The applicant is proposing the development of 6 lots in accordance with the provisions of Article XXII Conservation Development, Section 340-145 through 151, inclusive, of the Zoning Ordinance.

Item 4 - Scheduled for 7:05 PM
PB 20-26 - Replat of Record Lots 395 thru 405 Inclusive - 27 Rice Street - Minor Subdivision - Master Plan - Assessor’s Plat 35 Lot 217 - R-15 Zone. Applicant - Michael & Fiormante Guerriero.
The applicant is proposing to subdivide their property into two lots; both would be undersized. A zoning variance will be required.

Item 5 - Scheduled for 7:25 PM
PB 20-27 - Goulin Realty Easement Request - 20 Green Earth Avenue - Advisory Opinion 2020-CP-88 - Assessor’s Plat 29 Lot 69 - Industrial Zone. Applicant Goulin Realty.
The applicant is requesting a 20-foot easement across Town property for utility purposes.

Item 6 - Scheduled for 7:45 PM
PB 20-30 - The Residences at Pine Hill - 663 Greenville Avenue - Modification of Approved Planned Development - Assessor’s Plat 50 Lot 66 - R-7 Zone - Applicant Greenville Holdings, LLC.
The applicant is asking the board to approve the modification of the final recorded plan from triplexes to duplexes as a non-substantial change. Further the applicant is seeking to preserve the right to develop 52 total units, subject to Board review, as a non-substantial change at some future date.

This agenda may be amended to add additional items that do not require a Public Hearing.

Documents available for review 8am-3pm, Planning Office, 100 Irons Ave. Items not heard by 10:30 pm rescheduled for subsequent meeting. Facilities are handicap accessible. Interpreter services to be requested from TTD (401) 792-9642, 72 hours advance notice required.

8/20, 8/27/20


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