'Saluti membri della Society!'

Pannese Society hosts ‘vino & paint’ night in Johnston


“Saluti membri della Society!”

That was the Italian opening statement from David Venditelli, proud president of the iconic Pannese Society, that appears inside the nonprofit’s new, colorful and unique double issue quarterly newsletter.

“While the past couple of years have been a challenge to be sure, there is a great deal of enthusiasm and optimism for the Pannese Society this year,” Venditelli offered. “We look forward to a year of participation and exuberance.”

The Pannese Society, which made history several years ago with the extraordinary Sister City Program with the Town of Johnston and Village of Panni in Italy, recently added another “fantastic first” to its storied history book.

“Joe would be proud of what’s going on here tonight,” Venditelli said with excitement ringing in his voice about the late past president Joseph Spremulli, who among his many accomplishments initiated the Sister City Program with his son Joseph Spremulli Jr. “Joe loved events like this!”

The event was the Pannese Society’s first-ever Paint and Vino, held inside Fioretti Hall at Our Lady of Grace Church in Johnston and attracted a large turnout that almost filled the spacious room.

“I’m not sure there are any Picasso’s here,” Venditelli mused, “but I’m positive everyone is having fun!”

Make that “fun-plus,” as participants paint a sky scene under the direction of Rhode Island College professor and artist Katryne Hecht who works with the Pawtucket-based Paint and Vino company.

The evening included snacks, smiles, special sips of wine. Many talented Pannese people and their guests turned out to paint on easels, and when finished, received compliments and praise aplenty from Venditelli and his fellow officers.

“This was a huge and special success,” Venditelli offered. “We’ll most likely do it again; everyone had so much fun.”

During the event, Venditelli, Vice President Jason Parenteau and long-time Secretary Lou Mansolillo talked about the Pannese Society’s calendar into the Summer of 2023 when the club is planning yet another trip to Panni that will include visits to Bari, Naples, Foggia and the Amalfi Coast.

Likewise, Venditelli said “The Pannese Society continues to grow and this year will be an exciting one.”

Anyone that’s interested in joining the Pannese Society should call Venditelli at 401-749-1260.


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