No wise guys...just Goodfellas


Perhaps never before, at least not in recent memory, has the parking lot at Crossroads Commons on Atwood Avenue been so full.

There were, of course, many cars and SUVs owned by people who get their morning coffee – and in some cases muffins and more – inside Brewed Awakenings that’s actually located at 1395 Atwood Avenue or otherwise known as “The Old Brewed.”

But Saturday morning, the parking lot was packed with motorcycles for the 2nd Annual Goodfellas Motorcycle Club Run.

Men and women were dressed in a variety of garb, from leather vests bearing insignias of their respective motorcycle clubs, blue jeans and in some cases matching men’s and women’s outfits.

“There ain’t no wise guys in this group,” mused Rob LoBianco, former owner of Anytime Fitness in Johnston, while awaiting the start of Saturday’s unique fund-raiser. “This is just like the club’s name reads – Goodfellas – you won’t find better bikers anywhere around here.”

Few people, if any, would dispute that theory and most especially Michele P. Brannigan, the Senior Major Gifts Officer/Campaign Manager at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence.

Brannigan was overwhelmed with the “generosity” of the owners or riders of 120 plus motorcycles who showed up early and often Saturday morning for the 11 o’clock start that went as smooth as silk courtesy of Johnston Police Chief Richard S. Tamburini and Major Matt Leduc who made sure each and every bike began the run safely.

“That was awesome,” Brannigan said with tears of joy filling her pretty blue eyes. “I was so moved by what just happened.”

She was speaking of several things, the first being how when almost all of the bikers registered for the run they dropped an additional $10 or $20 bill into a box that many of the Goodfellas – and their fellow bikers – called “an added donation.”

By day’s end, each and every dollar collected set a new Goodfellas Motorcycle Club record.

“Last year we gave $7,200 to Hasbro (Children’s) Hospital,” Cal Calabro, the one-time super softball slugger turned biker, proudly noted. “Today, we raised $8,500 and we didn’t have as many bikes as last year.”

To which Brannigan later offered: “The outpouring of support today for Hasbro Children’s Hospital is truly inspiring. “So many people participating in the bike run know first-hand how important it is to have a world-class children’s hospital in our community. We are beyond grateful to the Goodfellas – Cal and Linda – and everyone who is supporting this event.”

Calabro, meanwhile, issued a “thank you” to such super major sponsors as Brewed Awakenings, AGI Construction, Rosciti Construction and JTG Designing as well as “other local establishments that gave generous donations for the raffles and all the bikers that participated in the run to reach a new goal of 8,500 dollars.” 


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