Netflix oldies but goodies


From the looks of the previews shown with “Unhinged,” we won’t be seeing many good new films at the multiplexes.

I never thought that I would find myself glued to the TV screen for my entertainment, but such is the nature of our world today.

My children have been watching Netflix, HBO and other subscription channels for years, and are now advising me as to what I have missed, going back over 10 years to “House of Cards.”

If you are like me and can’t stand those stupid game shows, reality TV, or suffering through another Red Sox loss, there are some oldies but goodies that are worth your time.

LONGMIRE: This adult western TV series was originally on A&E, but can now be found on Netflix. More a western for adults, rather than an adult western, Longmire was canceled after six seasons because its producers found that it appealed more to older people than the younger market.

Although there is a down-home running story about Longmire and his daughter, each episode contains an hour-long complete story.

LUCIFER: This Fox series started in 2016. Its title character (Tom Ellis) was taken from a DC Comics series. Lucifer is a “servant of hell” who decides to check out what’s happening on earth, mainly L.A. It is pretty slick and sexy.

HOUSE OF CARDS: The Netflix series started in 2013 and starred Kevin Spacey as the Democratic House Whip who uses his power and cunning to get everything he desires, including the U.S. presidency. Robin Wright play his equally conniving wife.

When Spacey made headlines and became out of favor with the network and the general public, the series continued without him for another year.

DESIGNATED SURVIVOR stars Keifer Sutherland as the ordinary man who suddenly finds himself in the extraordinary role of U.S. president. We’ll be watching that next.

THE TWIGHLIGHT ZONE: The half-hour, black-and-white TV series ran for 156 episodes from 1959 to 1964.

I am into the 10th episode of season three. I can only manage a couple at a time. They are very dated. Many are predictable. Some are boring. Some are clever. Many stories are like a one-trick pony. The most interesting thing about them is watching many future stars when they were very young.


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