Mask mandates: Is it time to say goodbye?


This year I will turn 65. One thing that I’ve noticed is that the older I get, the more doctor appointments I have. I’m generally in good health, but this year has brought a few bumps in the road.

This morning, I went to have blood drawn. I know that masks are still required in medical facilities, so I had a mask on. I checked in at the front desk. I was told that my mask wasn’t good enough and I needed to wear the one that they then handed to me.

I questioned this. First of all, my mask was made by a pharmaceutical company. Secondly, I had used it numerous times at doctor appointments. I also told her that I was vaccinated.

She didn’t appreciate my questioning her. She asked me if I had ever seen a doctor operate with the kind of mask that I was wearing. Tongue in cheek, I answered that generally speaking whenever I’m around a doctor doing surgery, I’m under anesthesia.

Well, she really didn’t like that, looked at the clerk and said, “I’ll take her blood, let’s get her out of here.” I guess she thought that along with my lack of knowledge about masks, I was also deaf. Talk about not having a sense of humor!

While she took my blood, she continued to school me on the difference of cloth masks and paper medical masks. That’s great but unnecessary. I appreciate that different facilities have different policies. I don’t appreciate being scolded. Some people need to take a deep breath for themselves and learn to talk nicely to people.

I love that vaccinated individuals can now go into most public places without masks. I have really enjoyed seeing people’s faces and their smiles. There is a sense of freedom with everyone. You can see it in the way people walk around stores. We are back to conversing with one another. There’s very little look of fear in people’s eyes and no more side eye if you get too close to someone.

I’m still practicing social distancing and there are some places I go that I feel more comfortable wearing a mask. I believe it’s made us all rethink where we go and with who. So, for now, I will always have a mask with me in case I need it.

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