Lions Club wins fall ball championship


Although the ageless Johnston Lions Club is currently short on members, the two dozen or so folks who make up the town’s long-serving non-profit, continues to have an important presences in a number of areas in town.
In addition to sponsoring and serving the annual High School Homecoming Alumni Breakfast as well as its highly-successful scholarship program, the Joseph Swift-led service organization maintains another important program by sponsoring a team in the Johnston Little League.
But this time around, the JLC’s baseball boys wasn’t just any team, they were the perfect club.
The Johnston Lions Club-sponsored squad, which played under the banner of Orioles, captured the Little League’s Junior/Senior Fall Ball Championship.
The O’s, who were dressed in uniforms similar to the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball fame, played their way to an 11-0 record during the recently-completed Fall Ball regular season then went 2-0 in the playoff to capture the 2021 championship.