LETTER: Will Amazon be a good fit for Johnston?


I just read your article re: the Amazon project. 

A few weeks ago, we were in central Italy, when we saw a huge development.  It was an Amazon distribution center, with  warehouses that went on and on, as did the office buildings.  It was staggering in size.

So is the project good for Johnston?

My view is that it has to offer, not just plenty of construction jobs, but decently paid jobs for future employees.  

As construction will disrupt local traffic and access roads, especially Route 6, they need to be expanded before construction even begins.  Route 6 is already too narrow for the amount of traffic is carries. 

It was clear that all the roads around the Italian Amazon site had been widened and meticulously surfaced to support heavy duty traffic. 

Lastly, the project should not be funded by the town or state, nor should the town offer property tax breaks. Amazon is a rich company.  A single share of stock is worth $3,463.  Amazon should not be a burden to Johnstonites, but an asset to the community.

Vivian Weaver

Johnston native living in Italy


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