LETTER: ‘I have always assumed complete responsibility for my actions’

Johnston D-25 Senate candidate sends note to voters


I am writing to announce my campaign for State Senate in District 25, here in Johnston, an office that I previously held. As a Johnston homeowner, taxpayer, and father of three children, I am fed up by the rising cost of living. I am running for my old seat to lower the price of gas, cut taxes, and put more money in your pocket during these difficult times. If you examine my old voting record, you will see that I always put the taxpayer ahead of the politicians and special interests.

As I start my campaign, my family and I know you may have questions about some of the choices I regretfully made as a younger man regarding my personal financial life. I have always assumed complete responsibility for my actions, and I am truly sorry to the residents of Johnston for allowing my previous personal failures to affect my ability to represent our district.

Since I last held public office, my experiences have given me a greater insight into who I am and what second chances are all about. I’ve remarried, become a published author, and am a practicing attorney. I live with my wife and children on Brown Avenue, proudly support various sports leagues in town and attend Our Lady of Grace Parish, where I also volunteer. Five years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and I feel grateful for this second chance, as well — I have been cancer free for the last four years.

As the novelist Nicholas Sparks said, “Life always offers you a second chance … it’s called tomorrow.” I always look towards tomorrow. As your next State Senator, I will build a better tomorrow by suspending the gas tax, cutting taxes across the board, and helping small businesses grow and hire more people. In this difficult time of record inflation and soaring gas prices, the government needs to do everything possible to put money back in your pocket.

My pledge to you is to uphold the public trust, be accessible, be responsive and fight for taxpayers like you and me. Together, we, the people of Johnston, will build a better tomorrow for ourselves and our children. I am excited to listen to you and to share my story. As I walk from door to door throughout this campaign, I will answer your questions with honesty and sincerity.