Kaitlyn Tarro does music her own way at Ted's Stadium Kitchen & Pub


Smithfield’s Kaitlyn Tarro doesn’t like to put her music into one style.

She doesn’t consider her songs to be classified to a single genre, and honestly that’s refreshing. She has a genuine love for performing and is willing to be a part of local contests like Wakefield Idol in South County.

On top of that, she recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music from Rhode Island College in Providence and she has also studied voice at the illustrious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Tarro will be exhibiting her skills on the mic and guitar with her band on the patio of Ted’s Stadium Kitchen & Pub, located at 1145 Park Ave. in Cranston, on Oct. 30.

We had a talk before the show about being passionate about her craft, keeping things original, finishing up college while adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic and getting spooky with the setlist.

ROB DUGUAY:  What inspired you to pursue music?

KAITLYN TARRO:  The absolute passion for it. When I was younger, I got into music a lot with some choirs and stuff, and in high school I remember there was a petition on whether to cancel the music department. I wasn’t even a part of it and I was like, “How is this possible?” And I started protesting and all of that. Then the department head came up to me and said, “We should really get you in here to start singing,” and it all blossomed from there.

RD: That’s a great story. You mentioned in the bio on your Facebook page that you consider your style of music to fit into blues, rock and pop. Do you have a preference between the three genres or do you like each of them equally?

KT: I’d say that I like them all equally. For my own sound, I try to blend them into something that’s a mixture of the three. I’m not even sure what you would call it, but I like to make the three styles shine in their own way.

RD:  I get that. You have to keep it original and keep it fresh.

KT: Yeah.

RD: You also just recently graduated from Rhode Island College this past spring. When COVID-19 hit back in March, how was the sudden adjustment to shifting to virtual online classes for you?

KT: Doing it in the music department, everything translated in a totally different way. We had to pick up all of the performances and all of the ensembles for everything and figure out how to bring that to a virtual experience.

RD: It must have been a weird time to have everything change on you like it did.

KT: Absolutely.

RD: From going to RIC, what did you learn the most as a musician that you didn’t know before you attended? Was it anything with arrangements or theory or even how you carry yourself on stage?

KT: I would say that learning music theory was absolutely huge for me. I knew a little bit about it growing up but I didn’t really start learning it until my senior year of high school and then I went up to RIC. I also learned to embrace stage presence as well and I studied a lot of classical music versus what I do now but I’ve translated those techniques into something different.

RD: With the upcoming show at Ted’s Stadium Kitchen & Pub being the night before Halloween, do you and your band have anything special planned?

KT:  We definitely have a couple of spookier songs picked out, which will be a lot of fun. I also will be wearing a costume so there will be some surprise with that. To learn more, follow the Kaitlyn Tarro Band’s Facebook page or visit kaitlyntarroband.com.

BLENDING STYLES: Kaitlyn Tarro and her band will bring a blend of blues, rock and pop to the patio of Ted’s Stadium Kitchen & Pub in Cranston on Oct. 30. (Courtesy of Kaitlyn Tarro)


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