Police Log - 01/30/20


The Police Log is a digest of reports provided by the Johnston Police, Rhode Island State Police and other departments.


On the evening of Jan. 24, Patrolmen Michael A. Schiappa and Matthew Rado responded to the East Providence Police Department to take custody of Jose Villafane, 41, 161 North Bend St., Pawtucket, who was wanted by Johnston Police on two counts of felony shoplifting and one count of shoplifting as a habitual offender.

Villafane was also wanted on a bench warrant issued from Superior Court, and as a result was transported to the ACI Intake Center.

Villafane’s arrest stemmed from an alleged incident that took place on Aug. 10, 2019, at the Burlington Coat Factory at 1386 Atwood Ave. Detective Thomas M. Dwyer met with the manager, who displayed video surveillance of two shoplifting incidents involving a repeat offender.

Dwyer said he observed Villafane enter the business around noon, walk to the cologne aisle and pick up a few bottles before concealing them in a sports bag he picked up in the store. After concealing the cologne, Dwyer said, Villafane walked past the point of purchase in front of the store without making any attempt to pay for the products.

Five minutes later, Dwyer said, Villafane re-entered the store wearing the same clothing and went into the men’s cologne aisle again, where he picked up several bottles and concealed them in his pants. Dwyer said Villafane then walked to the clothing section, ripping open a six-pack of men’s athletic socks and putting them inside his pants to hide them. Dwyer said Villafane again walked past the point of purchase without an attempt to buy the items.

According to the store, the merchandise involved in the incidents had a total value of $252.26.


On the afternoon of Jan. 23, Patrolman Robert H. Cardoza responded to the Smithfield Police Department to take custody of Tina Peloquin, 61, Manchester, New Hampshire, on an active Johnston Police warrant for breaking and entering.

Peloquin was transported to police headquarters without incident, and she was later arraigned and released on $5,000 personal recognizance. Peloquin has a pre-arraignment conference set for March 26 at Sixth Division District Court.

Peloquin’s arrest stemmed from an alleged incident that occurred June 14, 2016, when Patrolman David Galligan responded to 6 Dix Ave. for a report of two parties walking around an unoccupied residence. Upon arrival, Galligan said he and two other officers checked the residence and observed the rear east side doorframe broken, with the door partially ajar. The interior of the residence checked negative for any suspects.

Galligan responded across the street and spoke to an unnamed party, who said they witnessed the parties walking around and then enter the residence. The person said the two suspects exited their vehicle and began to walk around the residence several times, before observing them walking to the rear of the residence where she lost sight of them momentarily.

When they exited the residence, Galligan said the woman advised that she confronted them, at which time a woman denied being inside. According to Galligan, after the woman said she saw them go inside, the unknown female told her, “Yes, I was inside of the house but I did not take anything, I thought the house burned down.” The party said she went inside to call the homeowner, after which she took a photograph of the suspected vehicle.

More officers and the homeowner later arrived on the scene, where the latter was appraised of the situation. One witness said they saw a suspect carrying out a grate in their hands. Galena conducted a walkthrough with the homeowner, who said it did not appear that any of the copper wiring was missing or that anything else had been disturbed. Galena noted that there were no personal belongings in the home and it has been vacant since November 2015.


On the morning of Jan. 23, Peter H. Fernandez, 24, 10 Irving St., North Providence, responded to Johnston Police headquarters to turn himself in on an active warrant for reckless driving/eluding an officer in a high-speed pursuit and driving with a suspended license, third or subsequent offense.

Fernandez was also issued summonses for speeding and laned roadway violations. He was later arraigned at Third Division District Court, where he was ordered held without bail as a probation violator. Fernandez’s bail was set at $1,000 on his new charges, and a violation hearing date was set for Feb. 6.

Fernandez’s arrest stemmed from an alleged incident that occurred the morning of Jan. 16 when Patrolman David Galligan observed a vehicle traveling on Hartford Avenue with no front registration plate and a Massachusetts inspection sticker affixed to the front windshield.

Galligan noted that the plate was registered to a silver 2003 Honda owned by Fernandez, but the plate was affixed to an orange 1992 Honda Accord.

Galligan activated his overhead lights and sirens and detained the vehicle under the Glenbridge Avenue overpass. As Galligan exited his cruiser, he heard the exhaust elevate and the driver looked back through the rear passenger’s side window. Galligan said he positively identified the man as Fernandez via his driver’s license photograph, which he had called up on his laptop prior to exiting the cruiser.

Galligan said that once Fernandez made eye contact with him, he turned away and proceeded to drive east on Route 6 at a high rate of speed in an attempt to evade a traffic stop. Before re-entering his cruiser, Galligan said he observed Fernandez operating in a reckless manner. Galligan said Fernandez was weaving in and out of travel lanes, passing multiple vehicles on the left and right.

Galligan said he began to follow from a distance with his emergency lights and sirens activated. He said the vehicle continued to operate in a reckless manner, making erratic lane changes with disregard for the safety of other drivers. Galligan said he accelerated to 70 mph, which was 15 mph over the posted speed limit, but the suspect vehicle was still increasing its distance ahead of him.

Galligan said he lost sight of the suspect vehicle, and he decided to terminate his pursuit due to attendant circumstances and Fernandez’s reckless operation of the motor vehicle. Rhode Island State Police and the Providence Police Department were notified due to the suspect vehicle leaving Johnston’s jurisdiction and entering Providence. However, the vehicle was unable to be located by surrounding agencies. Later checks revealed Fernandez has a suspended license.


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