August 27, 2020

Thursday, August 27th, 2020
at 6:30PM
Johnston Senior Center
1291 Hartford Ave.
Johnston, RI 02919

Because of COVID-19 and the current executive order, the Zoning Board will adhere to the following procedures:
• The applicant must advise the Zoning Office 24 hours in advance of all individuals attending on the applicant’s behalf. The attendee’s name and phone number will be required.
• All applications are scheduled for a specific time. All parties are advised that the hearing for a specific case may start later than advertised but in no situation will the application be heard prior to the time posted. If you arrive prior to the case being called, you must wait in your car or outside the senior center and remain socially distant.
• No one will be admitted to the Senior Center until the specific case, for which they are attending the meeting, is called.
• All individuals, upon entering the senior center must register, giving name, address and phone number. Staff will screen all who enter the meeting.
• A face mask must be worn at all times. When a person is recognized to speak, the individual, upon arriving at the podium, may remove the mask to speak to the board. The mask must be put back on before walking away from the podium.
• All individuals must maintain the minimum of six (6) foot social distancing.
• No furniture may be moved by an attendee.

Additionally, the general public may be permitted subject to conditions listed above and subject to maximum allowable space per Executive Order 20-58. Anyone may participate in the meeting electronically as follows:

Via Computer:

Via Telephone:
312 626 6799 or 929 205 6099 or
301 715 8592 or 346 248 7799 or
669 900 6833 or 253 215 8782

Meeting ID: 989 7954 4925

NOTE: Please check out the “ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS for emeetings held via Zoom” on the Town’s web page under Meetings & Events.


File Extension – Petition for 279 Scituate Avenue; AP 44 Lot 363 a 37,897 Sq. Ft. parcel zoned R-20. The petitioner is seeking an extension for the Special Use Permit that was granted on November 8, 2019. As a result of delays by the state in implementing the program, construction has not begun at this facility.

File 2020-06 – Petition of Robert Russo Jr, Owner/Applicant for 315 Morgan Avenue; AP 24 Lot 18 a 37,897 Sq. Ft. parcel zoned R-20. The petitioner is seeking to legalize the present use of the property which contains a three (3) family house, construction and trucking storage which requires a Use Variance from Subsection 9 Number 13 of Attachment A Use Table of Section 340-8 of the Zoning Ordinance.


File 2020-11 – Petition of Amalgamated Financial Equities X, LLC, Owner/Applicant for 1 Commerce Way; AP 44 Lot 397 zoned B-2. The petitioner is seeking a Special Use permit to permit a Veterinary Office – Section 340 – Attachment 1 – Table of Use Regulations.

File 2020-12 – Petition of Lauren Hartshorn, Owner/Applicant for 10 Alvina Drive; AP 29 Lot 101; a 40,340 Sq. Ft. lot zoned R-40. The petitioner is seeking to install a pool house for storage which requires a Dimensional Variance from Article III, Section F of the Zoning Ordinance.

File 2020-13 – Petition of Robert Perrotta, Owner/Applicant for 29 Pine Hill Avenue; AP 50 Lot 35 a 59.261 Sq. Ft. lot zoned R-40. The petitioner is seeking to construct an addition to be used an in-law apartment requires a dimensional variance Article III, Section F, of the Zoning Ordinance.

File 2020-14 – Petition of Off Shore Properties, Owner/Applicant for Capitol Street; AP 26 Lots 1, zoned B-2. The petitioner is seeking a Dimensional Variance to construct a single family dwelling. Section 340 Article III.

File 2020-15 – Petition of Anthony Ricci, Owner/Applicant for 216 Morgan Avenue; AP 7 Lots 60 & 63, zoned R-20. The petitioner is seeking a Use Variance to allow a 8x12 mobile farm stand Section 340 Article 340-9.1 subsection 10.

File 2020-16 – Petition of Kevin Smith, Owner/Applicant for Serrel Sweet Rd; AP 39 Lots 161, zoned R-15. The petitioner is seeking a Dimensional Variance to allow a construction of a two car garage with apartment above. Section 340 Article III section F.

Prior to adjournment the board shall convene as the Board of Appeals and hear the following matter:

File 2020–17 Dean Faiola, Owner/Applicant; 4 Johnson Avenue; AP 40 Lot 215; R-15 Zone; Appellants petition to the Building Officials violation notice.

File 2020–18 James Tella, Owner/Applicant; 22 Susan Circle; AP 9 Lot 505; R-15 Zone; Appellants petition to the Building Officials violation notice.

NOTE: New items that have not been called for a hearing by 10:30 p.m. may be rescheduled for a subsequent or a special meeting at the discretion of the Board.

8/14, 8/21/2020


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