Johnston scrap metal business reopens after 30-day suspension


J&S Scrap Metal and Recycling has fulfilled its end of the bargain, according to Town Council.

The business has reopened following a 30-day license suspension.

“It’s my understanding that all of the issues related to the operations of the business have been corrected, the town has visited the site, the town has no objections to them reopening to their standard practices and procedures, given that they are still maintaining the level of cleanliness they have at the site today,” said Town Council Member Linda Folcarelli, who represents District 1.

Folcarelli requested “a 60-day review, so that (the Town Council) can allow them to open, make sure everything is going correctly, and in 60 days bring them back in to make sure that everything is exactly where we need it.”

“Hopefully we keep it that way,” she said. “And everybody will be happy.”

Neighbors of the Starr Street scrap yard have been calling town officials for years complaining about debris in the street and parking on the street outside the business, tying up traffic.

“They complied with everything that I wanted,” Johnston Building Official Ed Civito said at the Nov. 8 Town Council meeting. “We’ll go out there periodically.”

Business owner Jeffrey Cadieux can no be seen outside the business like a sentinel, stopping cars as they approach, asking them what they’re hauling and telling them where to park.

Cadieux has cleared a large area in front of the business where scrap haulers can now pull into, unload, and depart without blocking Starr Street.

“We’re back in business baby,” he said last week, happy he was allowed to operate once again.

“As Jeff knows, he sees me at least once a week, to make sure everything is copasetic,” Civito said. “There should be no stacking on the street. I don’t see any major problems coming up. I will be monitoring it.”

Town Council Vice President Joseph Polisena Jr. made a motion to rescind council’s previous suspension of 30 days, and allow Cadieux to reopen. Folcarelli seconded the motion.

It passed unanimously.


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