Johnston Police Log, May 12, 2022


EDITOR'S NOTE: The following police log information has been taken from public record police incident reports provided by the Johnston Police Department.


Around 10:30 p.m., March 3, Johnston Police Officer Thomas Santurri was dispatched to a Johnston home to disperse an unwanted visitor. The reporting party told police that Enrique Peralta, of 90 Rosedale St., Apt. 3, Providence, should be “dispersed from the residence.”

Communications personnel then advised Santurri that Peralta had two active No Contact Orders in place with the caller, and that the reporting caller was the “protected party.” Santurri also learned that Peralta had three outstanding Superior Court bench warrants for failing to appear at arraignment; and two Sixth District Court bench warrants for failing to appear at Technical Violations hearings.

Peralta was taken into custody and transported to Johnston Police Headquarters, where he was processed and held pending arraignment. He was charged with two additional counts of Violation of No Contact Order (third or subsequent offense).


Around 11 a.m., March 4, while on a fixed post along Plainfield Street, Johnston Police Officer Nick J. Bordieri observed a brown Jeep Grand Cherokee traveling west with no inspection sticker affixed to the front windshield. Bordieri initiated a vehicle stop.

The driver was identified as Tyrone L. Walker, of 11 Victoria Mount St., Apt. 2, Johnston.

“Tyrone advised he had a suspended RI driver’s license,” Bordieri wrote in the incident report.

A criminal history check on Walker revealed he had three prior convictions for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

Walker was cuffed, secured in the back of a cruiser and transported back to Johnston Police Headquarters to be processed. He was released with a District Court summons for Driving with Suspended/Revoked/Cancelled License (third or subsequent offense, a misdemeanor).

A passenger in the car showed Bordieri proof that the vehicle had been purchased the day before (March 3), so a citation was not issued for the inspection sticker. The passenger had a current RI driver’s license and drove the car from the scene.


At 10:20 p.m., March 6, Johnston Police were dispatched to the Bel-Air Motel, 2154 Hartford Ave., to investigate a report of an “ongoing neighbor dispute.”

Upon arrival, police spoke to a woman on the scene who told police “they had an argument about loud music.” A background check revealed the woman, Stephanie M. Malek, of 50 Randall St., Apt. 8D, Johnston, had an active bench warrant for Driving with a Suspended/Revoked License.

Malek was arrested and transported to Johnston Police Headquarters, where she was processed and later transported to ACI Women’s Intake.


Around 1:34 p.m., April 23, Johnston Police Officer David K. Chen responded to 2100 Hartford Ave. for the report of a motor vehicle crash with possible injuries.

“I then immediately checked on the operator of vehicle (No.) 1 and realized that the operator of vehicle (No.) 1 did not speak fluent English, but I was able to understand his statements spoken in Mandarin Chinese,” Chen wrote in the incident report.

Chen identified the driver as Hon Wah Hee, of 1012 39th St., Apt. 3C, Brooklyn, New York.

Hee allegedly told Chen, “I really don’t know what happened,” according to the incident report. Hee told police he had not had any alcohol to drink that day.

“Hee appeared to be excited and also had difficulty answering my questions in Mandarin Chinese,” Chen wrote. “Hee was falling in and out of consciousness. As I continued to speak with Hee regarding the accident, I noticed that he displayed droopy eyelids, bloodshot watery eyes, slurred speech and white substance around his left nostril.”

Chen advised Hee that the vehicle would be towed due to it being inoperable, and police would be conducting “an inventory search of the vehicle, per department policy, for any items of significance, to include illegal narcotics.”

“Hee advised me that his center console had a red envelope containing narcotics,” Chen wrote. “The envelope contained three individually wrapped bags containing a white, powdery substance weighing in at 1.8 grams (combined) were placed” in evidence.

“The suspected narcotics were not field tested for officer safety reasons,” Chen wrote. “I had reasonable suspicion that Hee had been operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of narcotics. I then requested Hee to submit to a series of Standard Field Sobriety (SFST’s) to which he refused.”

Hee was charged with DUI (BAC unkown; a misdemeanor) and Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test. Hee was later released with a Third District Court summons to appear for arraignment on May 2.


Around 4:40 p.m., April 25, Johnston Police responded to a Johnston store to investigate a report of shoplifting. Upon arrival, Johnston Police Officer Richard J. Varan took a fixed post in the parking lot until a loss prevention employee at the store informed dispatch personnel that a female suspect was exiting the store through the garden exit, while being followed by an employee.

Police took the suspect — Lynn A. Turner, 27 Starr St., Johnston — into custody without incident. Turner allegedly had a pink tote bag over her shoulder and was pushing a carriage with a child car seat in it. A child’s blanket covered the car seat.

Police said they found two packages of 250-feet of wire (valued at $248) in the child car seat. Police said they found the following items in the tote bag: two 20 amp all-in-one breakers (valued at $118.96), three 15 amp all-in-one breakers (valued at $178.44), three 15 am one pole breakers (valued at $151.65), and a 15 amp breaker (valued at $54.56).

Turner was later transported to Johnston Police Headquarters, processed and held pending arraignment on charges of Shoplifting (Felony), Willful Trespass and Conspiracy. Police wrote in the report that Turner has a criminal background including seven charges.

Turner was charged as an alleged “Habitual Offender.”

Police also arrested Jalise Marte, of 130 Jewett St., Providence, at the scene.

A Johnston Police Detective told Varan that he observed “a suspicious female waiting in the parking lot.” The detective approached the woman and identified her as Marte, and after speaking to her, discovered “she was an involved participant with Lynn Turner.”

Marte was charged with Conspiracy (a misdemeanor) and released with a Third District Court summons. Police noted in the report that Marte has a criminal background “consisting of (3) charges.”


Around 8:15 a.m., April 26, Johnston Police were dispatched to the rear parking lot of Silvio’s Restaurant, 133 Greenville Ave., for a well-being check of a man in a black pick-up truck.

Upon arrival, Johnston Police Officer Matthew C. Rado spoke to the driver, Robert Hogan, of 26 Becker Ave., Johnston. A background check revealed Hogan had an active Johnston Police warrant for Sex Offender Registration Violation. Rado placed Hogan under arrest and transported him back to the station. His truck was towed from the scene.

Hogan was processed and transported to Third District Court for arraignment.

Hogan was arraigned before Honorable Associate Judge Christine S. Jabour on a felony charge of Sexual Offender Registration Violation and released on $5,000 personal recognizance.


Around 3:47 p.m., April 27, Johnston Police Officer Robert H. Cardoza was dispatched to the Aldi’s parking lot, 100 Stone Hill Drive, to check on a suspect vehicle following a motor vehicle crash involving another vehicle.

“While I was in route to the aforementioned address dispatch informed me that the operator had been described as an older white male with gray hair and a beard,” Cardoza wrote. “Upon entering the property, I located a male fitting the description.”

As he approached the suspect, Cardoza asked him for identification. The driver — identified as Eric M. Pavao, of 2880 Hartford Ave., Apt. 127, Johnston — handed Cardoza a Rhode Island driver’s permit.

Cardoza asked Pavao where he was going.

“I’m walking back to the Sky View,” he allegedly told police, according to the incident report.

“I stated that the Sky View was a long distance from this location and I asked if he had a vehicle,” Cardoza wrote. “At that time, Mr. Pavao spontaneously stated, ‘I have a car but I crashed it into a lady’s car. I know I hit her but I freaked out.’”

Pavao was taken into custody and transported to headquarters without incident, processed allowed to use the phone, and placed in a cell pending arraignment.

Pavao was charged with Duty to Stop-Accident Resulting-Damage to Attended Vehicles.

“Mr. Pavao has five (5) charges on his RI BCI,” according to Cardoza’s report.


Around 3:06 p.m., April 27, Johnston Police responded to a local business to investigate the report of a person “attempting to pass a fraudulent check.”

Johnston Police Officer Richard J. Varan spotted the male suspect as he pulled into the business’s parking lot. He tried to confront the man but he ran. Another Johnston police officer was able to detain the suspect nearby. The man was identified as Jeremy A. Garcia, 35 Covell St., Apt. 1, Providence.

An employee at the business, a bank, told police that Garcia approached her teller window and presented a check for the sum of $3,620.43 in an attempt to cash it, according to the incident report written by Varan. Garcia allegedly presented a Rhode Island driver’s license and a U.S. Passport as forms of identification.

The bank employee checked with the company, on which the check had been drafted, and was asked to verify the signature. The bank employee was then notified that the company had no record of that check, and that the company’s checks were “in fact green in color which does not match the check attempted to be cashed.”

Garcia was arrested at the scene and charged with Forgery and Counterfeiting in General (felony), Obtaining Property by False Pretenses/Personation (felony), and Conspiracy (felony). He was transported to the Johnston Police Headquarters, processed and held pending arraignment.

Garcia was later arraigned and released on $5,000 surety with a Sixth District Court date to appear on July 27.


At 5:52 a.m. on April 28, Cranston Police arrested Earl Sanford, 43, of 180 Federal Way, Apt. 302, Johnston, on a Cranston Police Department arrest warrant for possession of I-V (first offense) at Cumberland Farms on Cranston Street. Sanford awaited arraignment.


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