Johnston Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports provided by the Johnston Police, Rhode Island State Police and other departments.


Patrolman Arthur Petteruti responded to the area of 46 Peck Hill Road on the morning of Jan. 1 in reference to a car hitting a utility pole.

Upon arrival, Petteruti saw the car in question at rest in the front of the residence, with the nearby utility pole shattered at the base. He said that electrical wires were low hanging and laying on top of the vehicle. Petteruti spoke with the driver, identified as Nathan Castaldi, 27, of 199 Shun Pike, Johnston, who said he was driving northbound on the road with a deflated passenger-side tire due to an unrelated incident.

Petteruti said Castaldi told him that the tire caused him to lose control of his car, veering off the right shoulder of the motorway and striking the pole. While speaking with Castaldi, Petteruti noticed the scent of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath and noted that his eyes were bloodshot and speech was mumbled and slurred. The officer added that Castaldi’s pupils were slowly reaching to light and he was swaying side to side at the scene.

When Petteruti asked him if he had been drinking, Castaldi said, “No, however I have a bunch of empty nips in my vehicle.” The officer then asked him to consent to standardized field sobriety tests, at which point Castaldi refused and said, “I’m not taking those, there is no way I will pass.” Petteruti said he later searched the vehicle, finding between 50 and 75 empty Fireball nips.

Castaldi was charged with driving under the influence, and he was also issued citations for refusal to submit to a chemical test, driving with an expired license and operating a vehicle with unsealed alcoholic beverages. ***

Patrolman Andrew Broccoli and several other officers responded to a car accident the morning of Jan. 1 in the area of Winsor Avenue and Lakeside Drive.

Broccoli said the reporting party advised that the vehicle was off the road and in a ditch, and Johnston Fire Department officials were contacted due to possible injuries. Upon arrival, Broccoli spoke with the driver, George St. Mary, 52, of 6 Stonehenge Drive, Greenville. Broccoli said that St. Mary told him he was on his way home and took a different route than normal, adding that he is not very familiar with Winsor Avenue. St. Mary told Broccoli that, as he was turning, he lost control of his vehicle and went off the roadway into the woods.

Broccoli noted that St. Mary had blood on his pants, jacket and face. He also reported some minor chest pain, but refused medical attention at that time. While speaking with St. Mary, Broccoli noticed his eyes were bloodshot and watery and his speech was slurred. He also smelled alcohol on St. Mary’s breath. When Broccoli asked St. Mary if he had any drinks that night, he said he had one beer four hours prior. Broccoli requested he submit to standardized field sobriety tests, and St. Mary obliged. Broccoli found numerous clues indicating the influence of alcohol during the first two tests, and St. Mary told him that due to plates in both of his legs, he would be unable to complete the one-leg stand.

St. Mary was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, and he was issued a Third Division District Court summons for Jan. 11. SUSPENDED LICENSE

Patrolman Arthur Petteruti was on patrol in the area of 1025 Plainfield St. on the morning of Dec. 31 when he saw a vehicle with no front registration plate affixed to its bumper.

After conducting a stop, Petteruti spoke with Michael Lonardo, 32, of 43 Tweed St., Cranston. A RILETS check showed that Lonardo’s license was suspended, and a later check of Division of Motor Vehicles files revealed his registration was suspended as well. Lonardo was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license, third or subsequent offense.


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